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* Passed Step 3 !!!
  trumpet - 01/17/18 01:09
  feeling awesome finally to end this long journey of USMLEs...when I found out I passed.
This is my second attempt. I really should thank this forum providing some valuable information, it helped...helped a lot! Hell...I did not even know the Step 3 trick existed until I visited this forum..

I am an IMG, not in residency yet but hoping to match this year. Here is a bit of how i prepared, if it could help anyone here. I also prepared some notes and will post a link if anyone needs's my little give back :)
Help others and if you did, Good karma will haunt you and reward you.

step 3... I passed it with very high CCS, started preparing for this exam in October. I have a part time job so spent only 3 hours a day.

Divided prep time equally between theory and CCS. I think if anything, CCS really saved me. I got very high on it. For CCS, I listened to the 40-hr Archer videos, it truly makes it easy to how to use those orders on software that matter most and those that you can not afford to miss. Real world patient management is so different than managing patient on software, did not think this bit was so tricky until I finished Archer. Things like how to set up monitoring and how to sequence tests, I would have definitely missed all that. I also did all the UWorld cases once. Between Archer and Uworld, one should be well prepared for CCS. Cases are quick and some are tough -but even when you do not get a proper diagnosis, just using all important orders, monitoring and basic treatments will get you decent scores. Listen all videos, understand and follow the steps outlined in Archer.

I did not read many books. My main Step 3 material was Archer theory lectures which are 35hrs, UWorld Q-bank and Board basics from MKSAP. I also read Crush step 3 quickly.
For Q-banks; I did UWorld and Archer q-banks - between the two, there are 2300 questions. Remember more questions, the better.....the more thinking and concepts we are exposed to and repeating some stuff in a different direction will give more grasp of subject. So i did both Q-banks thoroughly.
A week before the exam I took uworld assessment and got 178 , was concerned but UWSA seems to estimate very wrong, at-least for me. So if you feel confident, do not feel let down by SA tests. I did pretty well on MCQ section as well.

Being the second timer, last 2 weeks waiting for score felt traumatic. I am sure many of you are concerned about failing after taking the exam, but I can tell you that with right strategy, this one easier than other two exams to pass. Make sure to do well on CCS.
Just hang in there, give your best and good things are coming your way!

Best of luck! And thanks many of those on this forum that helped with their expertise and knowledgeable posts.
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  tklerts - 01/17/18 03:34
  How did you manage to get a high star on CCS? Congrats and good luck to you!  
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  mtreddy - 01/17/18 03:50
  congratulations! can you tell me about biostats questions ? I find U world questions to be too deep, are the questions so tuff in real exam ?  
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  r0ja - 01/17/18 09:10
  what did you score...?  
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  sana85 - 01/17/18 09:31
  congratulations and best luck! thanku for helping and encouraging us, really!!

can u plz tell wat is Boards basic MKSAP?
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  sagarika123 - 01/17/18 11:31
  congrats trumpet...please post ur notes..  
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  molina34 - 01/17/18 11:58
  congrats!! Can you send me the link of Archar q bank the one you did i want to buy it but confused.
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  trumpet - 01/17/18 13:31
  Thanks all.
tklerts, thank you. Practiced as I mentioned above but spent good time. Archer ccs was a big help in getting that extra push in score.

mtreddy, biostats were there. It will not make or break your exam if you got some wrong. Do the CCS well and do medicine part on MCQ well. Yes, UW is harder but overall...real exam qs are not that tough. Real exam qs tend to correlate a lot with basic sciences too, archer qs address that well.

positive 3 and sana85, the accompanying board basics of mksap17. Board basics helpful to review along with Archer lectures which I did together. I would finish a lecture and then read board basics in that system. helped a lot

r0Ja, got 240

molina34, the online q-bank I did is at

Good luck friends!! sorry for delay...just checked all your questions
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  mansa - 01/17/18 17:31
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  iara2 - 01/18/18 15:05
  Happy for you ... congrats!  
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* Re:Passed Step 3 !!!
  valencia - 01/19/18 01:05
  congrats! is that the new Archer q-bank link? are Qs different from ?
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