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* Unmatched IMGs/ sign this petition to help ourselv
  sudha16 - 02/11/18 12:57  
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* Re:Unmatched IMGs/ sign this petition to help ours
  mtreddy - 02/13/18 19:07
  who ever posted this has zero knowledge regarding how residencies work.
your petition is fundamentally wrong , because ACGME doesn't set the criteria, individual program set the criteria.
Most programs do not take old graduates (that includes me) because they think your clinical skills are rusted and when they have recent graduates in line why should they look at your application ?
If you are old graduate but if you are doing MD abroad you stand a chance. anyways it is not ACGME so they will simply respond that they don't decide hiring process, it is program directors who set the policy and they have the final say.
Coming to licensing issues: USA a federal form of government and States rights are very important and center considers medical licensing as a states right, so federal government stays out of it. That's why you do not have a federal body controlling medical licensing. FSMB is not a government rather a union of licensing boards.
SO, US congress will not pass a law forcing residencies to give positions to people. on top of it we (old graduates) are considered low quality.
even graduates who completed residency but stayed out of practice for 2yrs will find it very hard to get back. in USA a doctor who is not practicing for 2yrs can kiss his profession goodbye.
You can try to get something else (I am trying ) to get a medical college to open positions for just 1yr programs to get the people to be competitive once again.

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