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* Urgently, Advice me, please
  ahanafy - 02/13/18 17:23
  Dear my friend,

I have finished UWorld Self assessment now with score 196 and my exam will be after 7 days. what should I do as I don't have a chance to delay the exam.

Advice me please.

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* Re:Urgently, Advice me, please
  ahanafy - 02/13/18 17:31
  I have finished MTB once,
UWorld twice, first round 60% and second round 85%,
finish UWorld CCS twice,
Read all Crush step 3, and UW notes.

what should I do next??!!!

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* Re:Urgently, Advice me, please
  mtreddy - 02/13/18 19:13
  i recently took exam, just keep doing the cases. first part of the exam is all about pharmacology mechanism of actions, bacterial toxins .
if you have a good amount of time left and you want to ace the exam, I think this book old timers used to use Gerber and wilbur Family Medicine examination and board review is the goldmine.
I found most Uworld questions as is in the exam........but you have to read all explanations thoroughly, just 85% on questions is not enough, you need to know the material ( all explanations ) thoroughly. able to apply crertia like wells criteria in less than a min.
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* Re:Urgently, Advice me, please
  mtreddy - 02/13/18 19:15
  sorry, I didnot notice that you got only 7days..........for first part just read pahrmacology, biostats, microbiology toxins you can get 85% then take a week gap for the second you can read all caes. repeat uworld multiple times everything came from it, also MTB  
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