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* gestational htn
  oranges - 03/06/18 13:37
At what BP reading antihypertensives are started for gestational hypertension?
MTB 3 says to start antihypertensives if BP is >ter than 160/100(as antihypertensives decrease the uteroplacental blood flow)

Correlations & clinical scenarios OB/GYN by conrad fisher says to start anti hypertensives when sustained BP is >ter than 150/90

Which one to follow
Will appreciate if any one answers on this forum
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* Re:gestational htn
  cardio69 - 03/06/18 14:50
  We ONLY treat pat severe HTN meaning ( no benefit giving anitHTN/preg women who are in mild range 160-140 & 90-110) onset of Systolic BP Greater than 160 "OR" Diastolic BP Greater than 110.

MTB got it wrong. Correct it.
Follow mine you will be fine:)
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* Re:gestational htn
  oranges - 03/06/18 16:00
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* Re:gestational htn
  oranges - 03/06/18 16:12
thankyou for the answer,so if BP >ter than 160/110 then pt will need IV meds

We also use oral meds like alpha methyl dopa& nifidipine in pregnancy, so does it mean we use the oral ones for chronic HTN.

will appreciate the answer
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* Re:gestational htn
  cardio69 - 03/06/18 17:37

MC we use IV Labetalol 1st line why? Effective/ROA/& good safety. (Remember; u got a & B adrenergic blocker bullet with that & preserve uteroplacental blood flow to a greater extent than only BB)

Hydralazine IV also use (but have fewer safety data) and if donít work then you need another agent if total dose/30 not gone control it.

Now CCB/Nifedipine/PO (less info available) but that oral considered also 1st line [MTB list it 2nd line](especially if you can get IV as I just name) but some study has shown pat who got it had oral nifedipine their BP came down faster than those IV ( labetalol or hydralazine) and pee more. So, ans to your Q-> YES.

Labetalol & Nifedipine commonly use.

Now, a-methydopa/PO has safety record but weak antiHTN ( mild & has slow onset OA 3-6hr/ & less tolerated -> dizziness/fatigue.


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