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* Treatment.of dvt/pe
  letsgetmatched - 04/10/18 00:13
Ok this maybe a basic stupid question but I need clarification on one thing- I know in DVT/ PE you would normally do heparin treatment with bridging to warfarin right; and if HIT occurs you stop all heparin products immediately and begin with argatroban or fondaparinux and then continue with warfarin once platelet count recovers
My question is let's say a patient is treated initially with rivaroxaban or apixaban (NOAC) for the DVT/PE instead of heparin, does he still need warfarin therapy? Like do you still bridge to warfarin?
I am thinking no because you would put him on that treatment in a patient especially who is non compliant with follow up appointment to monitor his INR. and for how long will he be on the NOAC drugs? Because with warfarin he would stay on for 3-6 months, the same time frame?
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* Re:Treatment.of dvt/pe
  stepup3 - 04/12/18 09:28
  I think NOAC more effective and safier  
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* Re:Treatment.of dvt/pe
  stepup3 - 04/12/18 09:33
  I would say the same 3-6 mo  
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