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* CCS question
  letsgetmatched - 04/10/18 05:08
  lets say patient comes in to ED; and he is now stable and everything fine- and I want to discharge him on home meds; how does the sequence work? Do you first discontinue all IV meds/orders, then put in new orders for oral meds, then change to location home? and all this should be done before 2 min screen? or do you first change to location home then put in orders for oral meds?

also, lets say you want to schedule follow up apppointment- as per UW software, once the 2 min screen pops up you cant schedule a apppintment at a later date; so if you have to that means that should be done before the 2 min screen?

I know as per Archer, once the 2 min screen pops up, beside counsel patient, orders on monitoring tests can be scheduled and should be scheduled at a later date to show you are monitoring for side effects/efficacy

but I am just confused on the sequencing, especially when it comes to ED and everything fine and now you want to discharge home with home meds, so how does sequencing work here?
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* Re:CCS question
  stepup3 - 04/12/18 09:38
  I would stop IV first. I think it wont allow to to order 2 identical drugs before you even can select the route of administration. Order PO. Move Home. You cannot move in 2 min screen and schedule a new appointment.  
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