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* Step 3 exam experience
  sakilb12 - 04/12/18 10:40
  Hi i am an img and i got my scores yesterday and just wanted to share my experience.

I started prepping for this exam last october but since i was also working didnt hit full stride until maybe january. I had the time to do uworld 2 times and also reviewed some step 2 ck charts.
UWAS 1 201 1.5 month out
NBME 490 1 mo out
UWAS 2 228 2 weeks out
CCS did Uworld cases only specially looking at timing and monitoring. Also used some of the archer videos

Day 1 at least 10 biostats qs per block. U really need to know be an allroundeer to excel at biostats and thats what brought my score down a bit. Otherwise some step 1 qs mixed in there.

Day 2 lots of management like step 2 and i generally had a easier time. CCS qs some of them finished early without giving me any pt updates but i wasnt worried as i think i had my tx right.

I felt really bad after day 1 and thought wouldnt make it but got my score and it was 222. yay.

Anyways good luck to others who are gonna take it soon!!

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* Re:Step 3 exam experience
  rpl - 04/12/18 15:15
  Congrats and Thank you for posting your step3 experience.  
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* Re:Step 3 exam experience
  ahmedcsck - 04/12/18 17:36
  Congratulation sakilb12

What is your advice regarding reading step1 material? should I read the entire FA or some topic?

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* Re:Step 3 exam experience
  sakilb12 - 04/12/18 20:40
  Thank u rpl and ahmed. Regarding ur qs my advice is to brush up on microbiology and the drug mechanism of action associated with those chapters. Immunology chart is another one as well as glycogen storage diseases. I dnt think its possible to review entire step syllabus. Anyways good luck!!!  
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