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* Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  toddy - 04/21/18 12:48
  Finally this long sequence of exams are over. I scored 230.
I can now focus on applying and hoping to match.
Step 3 felt like a nightmare as I heard it does not matter how good you are at step 2ck you may still fail.
CCS saved me, did decently well on day 1 too.
Thanks for all those who take time to post on this valuable forum ...There's lot of stuff on these forums that one should follow, those are jewels.

Here are my methods/ tips I used to study:

1. I studied for 2 months. I think it is a tough exam but can be managed if approached methodically.
CCS seems to be the key. I scored very very high on that.
Lot of fundamental basic concept qs on Day 1. Understand that your step 1 and step 2 can matter on step 3 a lot more than before.

2. CCS : Archer CCS is the main one and the real key to CCS, it has it all. Listen to all cases and strategies. It is clear about how you do variety of cases and what needs to be done on step 3 exam'sprimum software. For practice, there are two non-exam softwares from uw and ccscases. I used UW software. Yes, it is not the same as exam software but it will help a lot to practice. Like lot of people discussed here on forum, yes there are lot of differences between UW and exam. Archer is useful to clarify and demonstrate all those on exam software.

3. For multiple choice questions, I did UWorld and Archer q-banks. Different concepts are tested in these two qbanks. So it really helped me to do both to gain exposure to more topics and styles. I personally did Archer theory lectures and then did the Q-banks so could understand basic concepts better.
I also went through MTB, Kaplan ethics and Archer rapid review theory lectures. Was able to get above average performance on most systems.

4. Mock exams: No mock exams are good predictors. UWSA is not predictive at all, so do not let that UWSA score discourage you. NBME helps better as those topics can come up on exam. I did NBME form and made notes on what were tested.

Good luck to you all. Stay cool and do not over think. Lot of questions are logical, common sense oriented rather than basing on deep concepts.
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  tklerts - 04/21/18 14:24
  Congrats on the score.

You mentioned CCS saved you but you got 230? What exactly do you mean by save? Seems like people say "save" when they barely pass but scored well on the CCS, which saved them.

Did you get stars on the far right for CCS? If so, you think Archer CCS was key in helping you get that?

Thanks and good luck on the match.
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  ymhs92 - 04/21/18 15:21
  Which version of Archer CCS do you recommend?
Rapid CCS prep (40 hours) or Intense prep (100 hours)?
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  atl123 - 04/21/18 19:36
  nicely done
since you got a very good score can u share ur UWSA 1&2 scores?
my exam is on Tuesday
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  letsgetmatched - 04/22/18 03:12
  Excellent job!!

I have a question- when you say, well everyone says, that basic fundamental concepts are tested on day 1- exactly what kind? Not asking to give a question from your exam- but maybe an example? And are those questions doable, or are they out of the world lol Its just that I do have my first aid step 1 open and trying to go over stuff- but I dont have time to go over the entire first aid- I am just going over like basic physio concepts I may have forgotten plus micro and.pharma (mechanism of actions, side effects)
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  dreamstocometrue - 04/22/18 16:42

In my opinion/experience its ENOUG to go over basic MOA of important class and side effects drugs, basic neurological from Step 1 FA, its about 15 pages or so. Do the free questions on USMLE's website for Step 1 and Step 2 (free 3 or 4 blocks).

It may be recall bias, but I felt that the last block on day 2 was 90% peds. If you have time go over UW CK Peds, OB-Gyn, Psychiatry, Ethics, and biostat tables. I found it be helpful on my exam.

Its important to have command on CCS, Biostat, and ethics, as well as solid understanding of major concepts in Cardiovascular, Respiratory, GI, Endocrine, Renal, and Nervous system.

Focus on time management by doing as many question in timed mode as you can. It is long and tiring exam.

Good luck!
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  letsgetmatched - 04/22/18 19:58
  @dreamstocome - thank you so much for your detailed reply. That's a good idea I will also do the free questions for step 1,2 on usmle website.

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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  tklerts - 04/23/18 21:38

Did you do the 10 hour video prep or just a one day workshop?

Do you have skype or email by chance, Id like to ask you some questions.
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  toddy - 04/26/18 22:58
  sorry...took a break last few days.

tklerts, thank you! Yes, I got far right with stars on CCS. I scored borderline to above average on MCQ. With regard to your Q on archer CCS, yes a big thumbs up to it as everything I learned from Archer was what got em that score.

ymhs92, i did rapid ccs prep first. I liked it so eventually did archer intense prep to get more cases. Some cases on exam were straight from archer.

letsgetmatched, yes those questions like correlating with treatment and mechanism of action, treatment and the pathohysiology it probably helped change. If you are able to apply some pathophysiology, those questions are very doable.

All the best to you all.
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  iara2 - 05/03/18 14:00
  Congrats and thanks Toddy for advice  
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* Re:Passed Step 3, it's all over!
  sweety_usmle - 05/05/18 14:03
  A big congratulations to you. I have a weird question, how long you had to.ewit for your results? 3 or 4 weeks?
Again a big congratulations. You're done for life with USMLE Saga.
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