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* trick worked
  drlmcc - 06/13/18 11:24
  My Recommendations for Step 3 are:

-For MCQ: DO Uworld qbank 2 to 3 times or until you feel that you are ready. In my experience day 2 was very similar to Uworld and that my friends save me and I PASS.
For day 1 try to read first aid step 1 if you took step 1 a long time ago, this will help you a lot but the most important thing for day 1 was BIOSTATISTICS know it well and practice. That was the lowest performance on my report but again MCQ saves me.

-For CCS: uworld is enough if you learn to excel CCS. Practice all cases multiple times not just interactive cases but practice cases. An important thing to say is that software on the exam is slower than Uworld software keep that on mind on the day of your exam.

My score is in lower 200s not a great score but I'm happy with the results finally I can finish this chapter in my life and move to residency. Good luck to all!!!! You can do it! Never quit your dreams.

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* Re:trick worked
  letsgetmatched - 06/13/18 13:27
  Thank you very much drlmcc for your post!

On day 1, as far as step 1 type material, would you say those questions are crazy hard or doable? I am going over basic pharm, micro, patho. Would you recommend something in specific? I am also doing the usmle practice step 1 questions on their website.

Thank you for your advice, and best of luck in future! And congrats once again

Also are you In residency? Because I am not I am hoping this exam.will help
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* Re:trick worked
  drlmcc - 06/13/18 13:49
  I would say that pathology from the different systems will help you also pharm and micro it's enough. On the same boat as you @letsgetmatched I hope to get into residency this year. Good luck on your test!  
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* Re:trick worked
  letsgetmatched - 06/13/18 14:35
  Ok thank you so much!! Yes let's hope our boat crosses the finish line and we all get matched this year!!!

And for the ccs portion (for some reason thats my fear since I'm not in residency) you think in your experience uworld is good and prepared you?

Sorry for too many questions lol
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* Re:trick worked
  drlmcc - 06/13/18 15:05
  no worries! CCS was easier than I thought. As you, I was scared but if you put the right initial orders, right consults and keep following up with the patient you will be fine, Trust me it doesn't has to be perfect. Also, cases end up pretty fast once you put right orders. Just practice all uworld cases over again and you'll do great!!!  
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* Re:trick worked
  focus1234 - 06/13/18 15:09
how much gap u had between day 1 and 2?
how many times should we practice ccs cases?
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* Re:trick worked
  focus1234 - 06/13/18 15:32
  did u read MTB or uw is enough??  
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* Re:trick worked
  drlmcc - 06/13/18 18:23
  @focus1234 Thank you!!! day 1 was may 14 and day 2 may 25. I practice CCS until I felt confident with the cases. I completed MTB 3 just 1 time.
About the gap, I didn't mean to schedule my date so apart but I didn't have a choice because Prometric was full.
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* Re:trick worked
  ameemy - 06/13/18 22:47
congratulations!!!!!!. did you do any self assessment??.
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* Re:trick worked
  focus1234 - 06/13/18 23:09
  did u find MTB helpful? for what topic? thanks alot  
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* Re:trick worked
  rpl - 06/14/18 16:48
  Congrats. Thank you for posting your experience and suggestions.
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