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* need advice!
  lauram - 07/05/18 10:42
  hello everyone,, am planning to take step 3 ,,,, am asking if ( Archer videos and uworld ) is enough?

if anyone answers ,, i will highly appreciated

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* Re:need advice!
  grudnst - 07/05/18 10:55
  have not you passed the exam already? so weird?!..  
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* Re:need advice!
  ameemy - 07/05/18 11:53
  hi lauram
i have been looking for positive advice in the forum to prepare better for this test and I only see your posts, i see nobody reply .
lets me help you
archer is good
mapping is good
u world is good
master the board is good too
i think you need to focus more in studying , studying ,studying studying a lot, practice a lot of question and a lot of cases, over and over again,practice make perfection and give you skills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't spend your precious time posting and posting think, if you have so many questions about cases, you can watch archer, he explain EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! the single detail about the software and some cases,if you have questions about question in the test you go to master the board and u world ( have the best explanation ). read it and read it again , do uwolrd 2 and 3 times , practice cases 2-3 times and you will pass the exam,
thank you!!
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