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* Obligatory post pass experience study history post
  creditedlemon - 07/11/18 00:42
  Me: middle of the road non genius bordering on lazy

Only did uworld. Tutor not timed. Did about 20-30 q per day most days for ~5 months while in my pgy1 (medicine). Prior to test had 2 weeks of pure study time. Did like 60 q a day. 1 week before test did about 10 ccs per day.
For each MCq I wrote out the salient points of correct answers and wrong answers. For Ccs I wrote our things to do in order of how to do them. Also, made sure to remember to order same “set” for things like surgery (type screen pt inr consent) etc.

Statistics.....I memorized formulas and on the test used none of them. Most of my questions were drug ads....I literally skipped all of them and went back at the end and pretty much guessed answers.

Passed by not a huge margin but passed.

Also this: Very accurate correlation bw Uworld score and the real thing. Found it to be accurate for step 1 2 and 3.

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* Re:Obligatory post pass experience study history p
  creditedlemon - 07/11/18 00:44
  I should say 10-20 q per day probably 4-5d per week.  
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