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* step 1 retake failure, consequencce on step 3 ?!
  craeschen - 07/11/18 14:15
  I am an IMG...
I have a question regarding my eligibility for step 1 & 3.
I recently had a retake of step 1 which I passed 11 years ago but unfortunately failed this time. (I have not taken step 2 and 3 yet; after many years working in another country, I try to move back to US to become licensed...)

I read through the USMLE 2018 bulletin which stated "If you have not yet passed Step 3 and need to retake a previously passed Step 1 or Step 2examination in order to meet a time limit imposed by a US medical licensing authority or another authority recognized by the USMLE program, you should understand that if you fail a retake, you will no longer be eligible to take Step 3. In order to meet the examination requirements for Step 3 eligibility, you must have achieved a passing performance on the most recent administration of the examinations intended to meet those requirements."
The above statement is a little confusing to me. According to the statement and my status, does it mean that I will NEVER be allowed to take step 3? Or, if I retake step 1 again and pass, then I will still have the chance of being allowed to take step 3? Your authoritative replies to these questions are very crucial to me, as I am wondering if I need to retake the exams. Thanks!!
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* Re:step 1 retake failure, consequencce on step 3 ?
  fjb786 - 07/11/18 17:07
so from what I understand according the statement you posted:
You are eligible to take step 3 until you pass step 1

But because you failed the retake, it seems you are not allowed to take the step 3. That part makes sense.
Step 1 and 2 must be passed in order to take step 3

But are you allowed to retake step 1 again? that I am not sure about. you should be allowed to retake step 1. For this you should probably directly call FSMB, ECFMG, or USMLE. It can be a pain, but one them might be able to better direct you on this particular matter.

Also consider applying for a state license that doesn't have such strict passing limits. Meaning try to apply for licensure for a state like NY, which doesn't have limitations on how many times or years you take to pass the steps. As long you pass them.

side note, I am in a similar position. Its been 12 years since i passed step 1. I am considering to retake it as well. But statements like the one you posted can be scary and discouraging.

Either way, best of luck and hope you find your answers!
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