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* Shouldve post this much earlier
  sweety_usmle - 08/23/18 12:22
  Hello all,

Good luck to everyone who are preparing the last step of the much dreaded usmle. I gave my exam couple of month back and I shouldve posted this a long back, sorry for that, and since I am in nights these days and couldn't sleep I thought I should post this one.

I prepared for nearly 2 or 2 and a half months. I had MTB 3, FA (my love for FA is undying) and my slef made notes during CK days and also questions here in the forum (all steps forum). Eventhough I didnt actively participate in step 1/ck forum during step 3 prep I used to visit them just to look at he questions/explanations. And UW for both mcq and CCS. I didn't do mapping or archer or anything else. For biostat as well (which I pretty much suck at) I stuck with step 3 uw and FA (step 1). I might have looked at FA (step 1) for micro and pharm but i dont think that came in much handy (but it has been long since I gave exam so I an not sure too)

Everybody focuses on day 1 (because of biostat) and day 2 for CCS. But I want to make people aware of day 2 MCQs. There are only 30 or odd questions but they are not as simple as everyone says. Please when you guys are doing UW check that Advanced Medicine Clinical section as well. Figure out what kind of questions fall into that category. The main reason I am saying this is because most of us focus on day 1 biostat and day 2 ccs. Just make sure you are ok with AMC part of questions as well.

The exam is tough (everyone said to me its easy). Nothing is easy at least for me. Yeah but completely doable.

Dont forget to take breaks. Its helpful for you to gather your thoughts and thinking process as well. Just get up from that computer and go out. Dont just take a break and be there. Be outside of the room so that youre not looking at the computer. Try to realx your brain (easier to say than to be done). But believe me a break really helps.

People asked me after exam, is UW CCS enough? My reply was yeah it is. But again different people different ways of studying and different materials. Stick to those materials that you are ok with and feel like helping you. For me FA helped in CK as well. Most of the people said CK FA is of no use, well for me it was. So, different people different materials different strategies but the goal is same.

But if you have CK notes and step 3 knowledge helps a lot during intern year. When your attending throws you a curveball you are there to hit it to the park and not just dodge it.

If I can pass this exam I am sure you all can as well.
P.S. I have a thick brain.

Score: 237 (lower than step 1 and CK) but I am happy this is done and fearful of whats coming next. Darn it you exams !!

May the force be with all of us.
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* Re:Shouldve post this much earlier
  hellu_usmle - 08/23/18 13:55
  @sweety thank you for the post. Its great that even after youre done you came back and post this.

my question is did you give any self assessments and what were the scores, if you can. Also I searched your posts and the extensive involvement in the forum be it 1 or ck was awesome. Thank you again.
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* Re:Shouldve post this much earlier
  cardio69 - 08/23/18 15:20
  Well done! Many congrats!!! For being done with the last chapter of USMLE journey> Hope you follow Dr. Denmark;) No receptionist, paper sign in sheet, no appointment and donít pay over $10:)
Best of luck.
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* Re:Shouldve post this much earlier
  sweety_usmle - 09/17/18 13:36
  @hellu: No problem at all. Sorry for late response. I am not that frequent in forum these days. Yeah forum was really helpful for me during my step 1 and CK process so the involvement was what kept my motivation going and the forum members at that time and some still active helped me a LOT. I don't have words to express my gratitude.

Any ways, I did UWSA 1 and 2 and FRED for step3 and CK and nothing else.
UWSA 1 was i believe 201 and UWSA 2 was 207 or 9.( I don't remember the exact) It was in that range. I was so scared with these scores but I did not have time nor money to extend my dates so had to take the test. God willingly I passed. It's not recommended usually but i did not have any other choice.

Good luck to you :) And i see you doing your bit to help the forum (One liners). Good going.

@cardio: I had to google Dr. Denmark and the work she did. I am no where near her. But really appreciate your good words and all the help.

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* Re:Shouldve post this much earlier
  hellu_usmle - 09/18/18 14:25
  @sweety: Thanks for your good words :) LOL I did my UWSA 1 and 2 .....very big difference in scoring. I dont know what to do next. I think I need a break first.  
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* Re:Shouldve post this much earlier
  torm1 - 12/04/18 17:59
  Thank you for this post!! Iím having my test in less than 2 weeks and this helped me!!🙌🏻🙌🏻  
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