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* CCS amd HIV
  hellu_usmle - 08/30/18 11:36
  Whenever there is a case of HIV, i write HAART but the software doenst have that. So i need to write down the drugs name and except for Tenofovir nothing comes in mind. Sometimes AZT comes. (And I am sure I would be panicking in real test). Is there anyway to remember 3 drugs? I am bad with mnemonics but is there any easier way to remember the name of the drugs. I know I am so spoiled for only remembering HAART and not the actual names. Anyone has any suggestions? Please.
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  hellu_usmle - 08/30/18 11:50
  Also in CCS, when its a Sickle Anemia patient, lets say I've done everything from oxygen, morphine, Abx. Is it harmful if I put Hydroxyurea as well? Or until and unless this is vasoocclusive crisis there is no need of hydroxyurea.

Please help. Thanks.
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  jazpreet2000 - 08/30/18 11:57
  you can put hydroxeaurea since its part of the treatment :) also don't forget the folate and if child less than 5..add that pencillin :)...
regard's to the AIDS stuff..i only memorized two..tenofovir and raltegravir. i seriously HATE HAART therapy..the names..s/e..and etc lol
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  hellu_usmle - 08/30/18 12:03
  @jaz: Thanks now that's a relief regarding Hydoxyurea. Only reason is multiple things will be jumping in the head while doing CCS. So I dont want to miss important things as well dont want to overboard with unwanted things on the order sheet.

And it only is happening with me or with others as well?? The cases that are 20 mins I am finishing 95% of those in 10-12 mins and 10 min cases in 5-6 mins. I know when that 2 min window comes its either you did good or also you did bad. But when I finish them early theres always that sinking feeling inside you saying wait a minute, finsihed this early? lol

Yeah HAART i dont know how am i supposed to remember these drugs. Seriously !
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  jazpreet2000 - 08/30/18 12:13
  honestly i don't have much idea..some cases i tank.and i know this because it says pt getting worse and worse and not getting better..

other cases like you said..done in like 5 mins..ill miss one or two things here and there when i review the case..but overall not to bad :)
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  ameemy - 08/30/18 18:30
  tenofovir emtricitabine raltegravir  
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  hellu_usmle - 09/04/18 13:55
  @ameemy: Thanks but I was looking for any method to remember these drugs. I cant seem to remember all three at the same time lol  
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  redbull2 - 09/05/18 21:14
  i have a question regarding ccs - pt. in ER/ICU has acute pancreatitis due to gall stone we order ERCP or we get consult GI first and then order ERCP? Please need help on this .I am confused.  
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  vardhan99 - 10/12/18 09:07
  Hi is anyone interested in practicing ccs cases?  
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  hellu_usmle - 10/12/18 22:55
  @redbull: I'm still waiting for my results and I'm not sure I'll pass or not and I am not sure if I'm the right person to answer your doubt but given my exam experience I felt CCS was my ONLY strong point so if I had situation like you have stated I would put give consult and wouldn't wait for it's approval but write an order for ercp right after it. Cause most of the time they'll say "do whatever medically relevant ".... Because the system was slower I didn't wait for them to reply me on my consults. If you know what you're doing CCS finishes quite early.
Pray for my results please
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* Re:CCS amd HIV
  triastole - 11/28/18 10:55
Logically you have to request a consult before ordering a procedure that is performed by a specialist. As far as I remember in UW- the software warns you that you need a consult first, before ordering a complex procedure.
But also, it depends on situation, in emergency cases you need to stabilize the patient- before ordering a procedure, continue medical management along with requesting a consult. Simulated time continues to run before your consult shows up and your patient might deteriorate and the case will end (At least thats what happens on UWORLD CSS).
As for ERCP for gallstone pancreatitis from UWORLD- I am sure specialist will refuse to perform ERCP on an unstable patient. Medical management is needed and the rest will be dictated by labs and imaging

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