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  letsgetmatched - 09/05/18 00:27
  I have been an active member of this forum-- I just found out 30 mins ago i passed-- in the morning i will post my experience...any questions I will be glad to answer

Real Score- 211

Uwsa1- 196
Uwsa2- 220

Nbme4- 490
Nbme5- 400
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  roso17 - 09/05/18 01:42
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  toxicity - 09/05/18 07:25
  Hi can you please give your exam prep details :
uw timed and subjects or mixed and how many blocks a day?

what did u use for biostats? how to study for that?
what about ccs how many cases a day?

how did u improve your score on the uwsa 1 to UWSA 2?


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  letsgetmatched - 09/05/18 10:00
  Yes here is my exam prep and study materials;

UW step 3
MTB 3-- I only used MTB 3 because I am the type of person to take notes from uworld and instead of putting notes in a separate notebook, I put my notes on MTB with relative topics, otherwise I hate MTB because it literally has nothing
MTB 2--again I only used MTB 2 because it contained my uworld step 2 ck notes, so I didnt have to buy uworld step 2 ck again--so basically it is as if I revised uworld step 2 CK, the content of MTB is really nothing
Step up to Medicine--EXCELLENT book, really helps with algorithm and "next step" type questions, I used this for CK as well and highly recommend it

for CCS-- I only used Uworld, crush ccs (but I didnt finish it, I only had time to cover cases which were not covered in Uworld), and Archer 5 hour video on youtube-- I didnt pay for it, and my ccs is on the right side--HIGHLY recommend it

my exam was Aug 6,13; I started studying in june but honestly I got serious in July- in june my first time I did about 1 block a day, my first revision i averaged uworld about 60%, about mid july is when i started my second revision and doing 1 1/2- 2 blocks per day

so before going for exam I did uworld MCQS 2 times, and as I was doing uworld step 3, I had my MTB 2 open because at the same time I was revising Uworld 2 CK notes from there, So if you do not have your step 2 ck notes, and if you have time, I do recommend step 2 CK Uworld, because there are clinical scenarios and clinical questions topics that are covered in CK Uworld and not in step 3, and I got a lot of questions on day 2 of my exam that I am glad I had my notes and it was all covered.

for CCS-- I had 6 days between my day 1 and 2; and because during my 2 1/2 months of studying I concentrated on MCQS, I didnt do CCS-- DONT DO THAT, try to do 1 case of CCS daily to get in practice, because after my first day of exam, I came home went to sleep, woke up 6 hours later and was panicking and went CRAZY on CCS- I did 20-30 cases per day, both interactive and practice-- and I did crush on the way to my exam and just covering cases that were not covered on uworld-- and still my CCS is on right side so I am thankful for that ( I am not in residency )

Exam experience::

Day 1:

THE EXAM IS NOT TRICKY!!! there were so many straight forward questions that you will be surprised and I was overthinking them, I could have scored higher, I still remember 10-15 questions that were EASY and I got wrong, WHy? because they were step 1 material and honestly I had forgotten them-- So i URGE YOU TO GO OVER PHARMACOLOGY, there are soo many mechanisms of actions of questions-- that are EASY and you dont want to miss, also genetic inheritance of diseases, immuno, micro---my immuno and micro knowledge and foundation is pretty good (these categories were on right side for me too) so even though I did not revise, by process of elimination I could answer them, and again they are not hard questions, I didnt revise my step 1 material but still these questions by process of elimination other answers you can answer them so dont be afraid

the biostats portion I did fa biostats (step 1) , I Had my CK biostats notes, uw step 3 biostats and $25 Uworld biostats
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  letsgetmatched - 09/05/18 10:55
  ok I do not know what happened to the rest of my reply I had typed my experience of day 2 too and did not get posted, so let me I guess type again

day 2-- I had typed a loooong reply so I will summarize here because its too much to type but feel free to ask questions

MCQs were better in the sense that you could answer them by process of elimination, no biostats and ethics but a lot of diagnosis, next step in management type, and prognosis and risk factors questions

on CCS- important thing is dont be panicked, I wish i had more time to practice--but I am glad I went crazy study on CCS in my 6 days because during the exam the software is so slow I just wanted to punch the computer. but all cases were covered in uworld but I URGE YOU TO DO ARCHER-- because he uncovers points that uworld does not teach, like example in consultations, monitoring orders, these are points you dont want to miss out on!!

I didnt pay for archer i just did the 5 hour video of archer on youtube and took notes and still my CCS is on right high performance

most of my cases ended early, with the exception of few, even though they said they got better but I guess they wanted me to finish, and 2 cases was weird but still from basic knolwedge you can still approach them-- so dont be afraid

believe in yourself and be confident-- as you can see my real score is an average of both UWSA
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  jboley - 09/08/18 16:37
  letsgetmatched, congrats! I kind of knew CCS is the must and Archer is the king of CCS. I really appreciate your post , it helped reassure me that i am doing right things.
By the way, I amdoing Archer intense prep which i bought. It's highly worth and has 80 cases. There seems to be no free Youtube link on Archer CCS. I searched yesterday
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  letsgetmatched - 09/09/18 15:58
  thank you @jboley!

really CCS is the make or break and archer is the king- in the sense that uworld does not point out which mistakes we make and archer really shows you how and where to pick up those points- especially for those not in residency.Also in uworld the consult never has anything to say whereas (and Archer points this out) that consults DO MATTER and it has to get accepted by the consult for you to pick up points.

and again I could have scored more because I remember off the top of my head right now 10 questions that were EASY STRAIGHTFORWARD and honestly I just had forgotten it--this is why I say please do make time to go over pharma mechanisms of actioons and genetic inheritance of diseases! beucase you dont want to miss those questions- and I just did uworld qbank I did not do anyother qbank and Uworld does really teach you at least which answers to rule out.

and also one thing I learned from the exam is pay attention to what the question is asking-- for instance, I had so many questions that was example:: 60 year old came to ER with complain of XYZ--and then it was a whole big clinical vignette of his past history but then in the end it would say "patient has concern of ABC" what is your next step in response to patient concern, or appropriate response to the patient regarding his concern?? so all answer choices were right because technically it would fit his scenario--but the question is asking "what is in response to PATIENT CONCERN not what he presented" --basically my point is pay attention because this is a mind tiring exam--and this is how I improved my score from 196 to 220 on UWSA--pay attention to question of what it is asking --so they are not asking about the XYZ, but his concern of ABC.

and it is good you purchases Archer CCS which has 80 cases--I believe do that and Uworld CCS cases and you are set. I searched Archer CCS and this 5 hour video came which he gives good pointers and only I believe 6-7 cases. I just searched--it is not there maybe someone took it off.

also practice FRED on USMLE website--because in real exam there are delays which is frustrating--and the FRED software on USMLE website is just like in the real exam--so please practice on that so you are not caught off guard

hope this helps and good luck to all
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  jboley - 09/09/18 17:48
  @letsgetmatched thank you very much. You are so helpful . God Bless You! Best of luck with match!  
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  aces3 - 09/10/18 12:42

how many 20 mins and how many 10 mins cases on ccs? Were you able to diagnose and treat patient in given time. And was it reporting patient getting better at end. Any stratgies on doing ccs? AND was it similar to uw or crush ? Thank you.
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  letsgetmatched - 09/11/18 12:08
  @ aces3 thank yo so much!

the answers to your questions--

1- as far as the "how much 20 min and 10 min questions", I do not remember exactlty the number but they were evenly distributed, I did not get one more than the other. out of 13 cases maybe 6 20 min and 7 10 min or 7 20 min and 6 10 min; they were equal in distribution

2- Yes, from reading the initial history in my exam I knew exactly what the diagnosis was, nothing out of the blue; just my first case was a 20 minute case and I thought it was one diagnosis from reading initial history, but once I put in order for labs, and saw lab values, then my initial diagnosis in mind changed, but I was still on right track it was in my differential that it could be this but wasnt sure, but once I got labs, I 100% knew what it was and as soon as I put in consult and correct treatment the case ended, and when I saw what time it ended it ended at 10 mins (so 20 min case ended at 10 mins)

3- for most part in cases, especially in 20 min cases because you have time when I advanced the clock the update came automatically (without me asking for interval history) that patient got better, and so I will say that most my cases, like 6-7 cases they ended really abruptly once I received the update that patient doing better then it was finished. some other cases I knew exactly what it was and I would advance the clock so what I ordered took place, and then when I didnt get patient update, I would request patient update and do quick exam again, and then it would say patient relieved or got better or no longer in pain, and would advance again and then again case ended. then a few cases even though I knew what it was, put in correct orders, and correct treatment, and even patient got better it was still not ending lol so just continued to monitor if it was inpatient or did follow up visits and all counseling if patient was outpatient and just continued and then it ended on its own time (like when case time ended)

and then I had 2 cases- especially my last case, like I knew what it was and gave treatment, but the case was not ending and nor did the patient say she was getting better like that case frustrated me a lot

my strategy- basically be confident in what you know, practice as MUCH AS YOU CAN, because you have no room to think, I felt my hand was doing all the work like clicking and typing honestly. because the sofware is so slow but you have to be patient and not get frustrated. so practice on the software that is given on the USMLE website, the uworld software is fast and no way does it mimic the real exam. so make sure you practice, know your orders, know your diagnosis plus differential because like I said in my first case I thought it was one diagnosis then once I got lab values then it popped in my head. and time goes by quick ESPECIALLY if case ends fast and 2 minute screen comes up, you want to get in as much as you can to still get points so you dont want to miss anything

4- cases were very similar to uworld with the exception of 3 cases that were not covered in uworld but covered in crush. when I say cases similar- I mean the DIAGNOSIS is the same, but PRESENTATION is different, like a few cases, the stupid initial history was not so typical presentation, but then on physical exam i thought OOOO OKKKK THIS IS XYZ diagnosis

so believe me do uworld, and if you have time to do alternative like crush, then do it and just do cases that are not in uworld, but I urge you to do Archer points in CCS because he really gives a good backbone and guidance in how to approach a case.

but again do not be afraid, I was also afraid of seeing a case in which I wouldnt know what to do in CCS but all cases were covered and I knew what it was and what to do

hope this helps, good luck!

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  letsgetmatched - 09/11/18 12:09
  I seem to post long replies lol but I remember going through same anxiety and stress and so I want to help as much as I can and give as much info legally as I can lol

I know my score isnt the best but you know I am so happy because I thought I failed this exam and this would be end for me--lets hope this is the beginning
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