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* Not being overconfident
  hellu_usmle - 09/05/18 16:29
  I have fewer and fewer days left for the real deal. I dont seem to find out how to study in these last few days/weeks. I am jumping randomly from topic to topic from system to system. At times I am looking at UW MCQ and at times MTB and jumping to FA, then suddenly CCS comes to mind and I do couple of cases. I dont have startegy like I had when I started. Like follow one system everywhere. Now its just random jumps. Is there any better way to deal with this anxiety attack? Do you guys have a strict plan or any strategy that helped you cram everything in the last days/weeks.
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  jazpreet2000 - 09/05/18 22:48
  i honestly put studying on pause adn focusing on preparing my appliations. just review tables from u world if anything :) pharm MOA s/e. focus on week points, if anything, bio stats hahahahaha  
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  hellu_usmle - 09/06/18 10:19
  Biostats is everyday thing. I am looking at it or doing questions or FA something is always happening regarding Biostats on a daily basis. From today I am doing MOA pharm and micro and immuno for those peds diseases specailly. (FA step 1).
Thanks jazz for this guidance !! I seriously didnt know how to approach the last few weeks.
Applications are all ready. I am ready to submit and have my heart broken cause I know getting into residency is not as simple as eating a cake. But "here I am" ----as that song goes.
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  jazpreet2000 - 09/06/18 10:56
  npp and trust me i feel u! last year was a no go for me. so fingers crossed!  
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  hellu_usmle - 09/06/18 11:11
  Yeah. Lets be done with this last test of the series and see what has been stored regarding that residency spot. For now at least for me, this test is everything. One step at a time lol. Sorry for last year and good luck for this year !!  
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  hellu_usmle - 09/08/18 21:04
  There's way too much Step 1 to review. Feels like this looks important, oh yeah that looks important as well. I guess I am done with step 1 review. Urgh !! This exam is way too much man !!  
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  jboley - 09/08/18 23:01
  CCS is practice is everyday thing. It is important to go over CCS atleast 1 hour each day. You wont believe how much it boosts up the score. A guy that I know failed 2 times and then the third time he gets full right side star on CCS and passes with with 240!!
So everyday do CCS.
I do qbank about 1 hour, listen lectures 1 hour, listen to Archer CCS 1 hour and do UW ccs 30minutes each and everyday. Stick to that routine and all topics can be covered in 6 weeks
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* Re:Not being overconfident
  hellu_usmle - 09/11/18 10:29
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