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* One liners-6
  hellu_usmle - 09/06/18 13:42
  1. Infliximab is associated with Tuberculosis. What is reported to be associated with Rituximab?
2. Reduction in active and passive ROM in>2 planes. a)What radiological procedure to be done? b) Diagnosis? c) Tx?
3. Which of the following can be found in Ankylosing Spondylitis ? endophalmitis, conjunctivitis, cataract, CRVO? Pick one
4. How would you confirm the diagnosis of CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome)? And Tx?
5. Bisphosphonates are given for T score of less than 2.5, for Postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. What other indications do you know?
6. What is the second line agent in post menopause women for Osteoporosis in whom Boisphoshphonates have failed? Hint: Very expensive.
7. Sarcoidosis without pulmonary symptoms, with Erythema Nodosum and Hilar Adenopathy. Tx?
8. Multitude of renal, ureteral and ureteral abnormalities in Neonate. Obstruction of Upeer Urniary tract as well as Upper Urinary Tract obstruction with Abdominal Musculature Underdeveloped leading to constipation and weak cough. Diagnosis? When radiographic studies are done, Radiographs shows what?
9. Opoids usually cause Constipation. A drug/medication that selectively block mu opoid receptors on the gut mucosa without reversing the analgesic effect of the opoids. This drug is also used for reversal of opoid induced constipation. Name the drug?
10. Clinical symptoms are not sufficient to make a diagnosis of EIB (Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction). So, bronchoprovocation testing with exercise or inhalation of dry, cold air is recommended. A fall in FeV1 of a)5% b)10% c)15 d)20% is diagnostic?

Thanks !!
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* Re:One liners-6
  hellu_usmle - 09/06/18 13:43
  2. For shoulder joint.  
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* Re:One liners-6
  jazpreet2000 - 09/06/18 18:34
  1) I JUST READ THIS HAHAHAH...reactivation of hep b (if this is not correct going into depression haha)
2. xray is initial i believe and MRI if need more--adhesive capsulitits..but could also be arthirits..both are affected in passive and active ROM. for arthritis--nsaids..and adhesive capsulitits--PT? unsure
3. not sure what CRVO..its conjunctivits.
4. i believe its can give local pain nerve injections..i think its due to overactivity of NSS after injury to the area. unsure of all else. you can do nerve conduction tests i believe as well for dx
5. someone on chronic steroids, hypercalcemia (not in acute setting-fluids is first), pagets disease, ostepenia+fractures
6. teriperatide?
7. lofgren syndrome? steroids? if just sarcoidosis and tx
8. haven't done peds :/
9. no clue :) hahah. oh wait...methylneltrexone bromide?
10. C :)! 15%..normal for asthma is 20%
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* Re:One liners-6
  hellu_usmle - 09/07/18 11:41
  @jazz: You're doing great. I hope I was like you when I started given that you still have to do Peds and Ob/gyn. Good luck. Pray for me ....Mine is creeping up like a zombie

1. lol....i was looking for PML as well...dont go into depression....
2. I was goingfor Adhesive Capsulitis. So radiologically nothing is needed. Clinically diagnosed. Tx is Excercise or physiotherapy
3.CRVO is Central Retinal Vein and the anaswer for this one is Cataract. The well known we all know is Anterior Uveitis.
4.Diagnosis is confirmed by either autonomic testing that measures increased resting sweat output or MRI that looks for the bone, skin or muscular changes. (CRPS mostly occurs post trauma).
Treatment is Regional Sympathetic Nerve Block or IV Regional Anesthesia.
5. All that you said PLUS Low trauma hip or vertebral fractures regardless of T score and
Elevated 10 year fracture risk calculated by “Fracture Risk Assessment Tool” (FRAZX), greater than 20% for major osteoporotic fractures and greater than 3% for a hip fracture.
6. yeah.bull's eye; Teriparatide (PTH1-34)
7. NO PUL SYMPTOMS so just wait and watch. No tx necessary.
8. worries. its Prune belly syndrome.
Radiograph of kidnys, Ureter and bladder classic appearance of the bowels hanging over the lateral edge of the abdominal wall. (This one was very interesting to me)
9. Yup. Methylnaltrexone
10. Yup 15%

Hope this was helpful. Please correct me if i am misleading somewhere.
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* Re:One liners-6
  jazpreet2000 - 09/07/18 17:38
  homie!!!! thank you!! :) haha. thank you so much and of course!! good luck on the exam man! you got this :) i still have to review surgery as well..will hit the books after applications go out :)! would you like to stay in contact? if so, :)  
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* Re:One liners-6
  jazpreet2000 - 09/07/18 17:46
  just make sure to know about the rituximab and hep B, so always check for hep b prior to tx....also w/ hep b..may present as type 3 hypersensitivity !!!!! (had these questions wrong on particular u world q's)  
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* Re:One liners-6
  hellu_usmle - 09/08/18 21:01
  Rituximab and Hep B gotcaha. Yeah sure I would like to be in contact. I sent you an email. Good luck to you too. I am anxious and a little panicky for the test but feels like old memories, pun intended (step 1,ck and cs lol)...  
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* Re:One liners-6
  jazpreet2000 - 09/10/18 19:28
  haven't gotten it :/  
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* Re:One liners-6
  hellu_usmle - 09/11/18 10:27
  Check now!!  
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