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* passed step 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  ameemy - 09/20/18 09:28
yesterday I received my score I passed with 218.I am very happy.goodbye USMLE!!!!!!!!!
Thanks god and my family for their support. I am single mom and has been studying and working
my advise is
do u world 2-3 times
practice ccs cases at least twice
practice make prefection
do not spend too much time in questions that you don't know the answer. I lost 7 question in total in the test because of that , I did not have time finished those questions
I had high performance in ccs cases,
the mcq are hard specially the second day,
study well biostatistics, each block in the first day have between 5-7 bio questions .you need to know the concepts and apply them
read in FA pharma,micro,
study every day except the day before the exam, try to go to bed early, rest, It is a long day,I did the first two block without break because I was fresh, but after that I took break after each block, in the last 2 blocks I was very tired
good luck everyone!!!!!!!

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* Re:passed step 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  hellu_usmle - 09/20/18 11:04
  A big CONGRATULATIONS !!! And thank you for the post ....  
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* Re:passed step 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  aricept123 - 10/05/18 22:12
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* Re:passed step 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  aricept123 - 10/05/18 22:12
  did you do arche q bank?  
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* Re:passed step 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  ameemy - 10/08/18 19:33
I did u world for mcq. I saw archers videos, u world for ccs,I used mapping and crush but I just review the cases that doesn't appear in u world

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* Re:passed step 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  aricept123 - 10/09/18 18:55
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