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* eligiblility for step 3
  img919 - 10/09/18 07:54
  Hello Guys,

I am an IMG who gave step 1 in 2010, CK in 2011, CS in 2013 and was ECFMG certified in 2013. I applied for 2014 match without step 3 score but was unmatached hence I resorted to home country residency as due to many personal limitations. I wanted to take step 3 last year --2017 but couldnt do it due to the issues in my residency. I am worried that 7 year limit for most states is gone..but can I still take step 3 from states that have no 7 year requirement for completion of usmle steps or do I have to retake all steps.......??

will there be any problem with the old scores.....?? or is it just better to stop thinking about usmle again??....

Please help me on this ........ and share ur thoughts

Thank you
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* Re:eligiblility for step 3
  usmloma - 10/09/18 20:15
  7 years rule is state licensing issue. programs do not think or even know about it most of the time
you will face the problem once you are in residency when you need full license which is usually required by the end of second or third year.
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* Re:eligiblility for step 3
  img919 - 10/09/18 23:43
  Thanks for the reply @usmloma.........

I understand it might be a problem in states with 7 year rule and the program might not be interested in candidates with those issues which I suppose might be apparent on transcripts (test dates)......

Will it be a problem in states that don't require 7 year rule.......provided if residency was done in those states without 7 year rule..... and.... will they allow to take step 3 or ......will they ask to repeat steps.??........

Thank you for the response.........
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* Re:eligiblility for step 3
  usmloma - 10/09/18 23:59
  In short, states with 10yrs do not care about it. States with 7 yrs rule require this for inly full license which is after 3 yrs of training for imgs in most states.  
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* Re:eligiblility for step 3
  img919 - 10/10/18 00:21
  thanks ....@usmloma  
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