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* Old grad needs help with Step 3
  pradoc - 10/15/18 12:19
  I gave my step 1 in June 2012 and haven't matched into residency yet.
To prevent my scores from expiring when is the ideal date to give Step 3?
What if I match this season? - Do I still need to take step 3 by next June?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  ahmed1972 - 11/07/18 17:26
  if u r ECFMG certified nothing get expired ,

same situation here i asked 2 weeks ago ,check with the ECFMG them
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  ahmed1972 - 11/07/18 17:30
  many resident have hard time to pass step3, so the program directors prefer if you have step 3... .
for old grads it is a must
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  lartyf - 12/01/18 19:47
  What's your skype id?  
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  usmle325 - 12/02/18 15:08
  I need u r skype id ??  
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  socalstudypartner - 12/02/18 23:10
  It is important to see what your state requires for licensure. Most states require completion within 7 years. Many are more flexible. The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) site allows you to quickly check for this:

Hope this helps.
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  pradoc - 12/19/18 11:22
Will, that 7-year rule apply for a temporary license during residency too?
What if I do a residency in a state that has a 7-year rule but obtains my initial license in another state with 10 years or the more flexible rule?
Any inputs would be highly appreciated.
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  newimresident2019 - 06/25/19 20:00
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  socalstudypartner - 06/25/19 21:45
  @pradoc, consider obtaining license in state with flexible license if Step 3 not passed in time for current state. Then request reciprocity. Keep in mind, all states have concerns regarding not actively practing which can be overcome while in residency. Catch 22 situation it feels like, sometimes.  
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  newimresident2019 - 07/15/19 19:05
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* Re:Old grad needs help with Step 3
  optimisticpositive - 07/18/19 00:23
  What is FSMB contact no?  
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