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* Passed!
  surepass27 - 10/18/18 12:04
  crazy exam!!! didn't expect to pass.  
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* Re:Passed!
  drusmleex - 10/18/18 13:41
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* Re:Passed!
  afam - 10/18/18 20:18
  Please share your experience  
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* Re:Passed!
  surepass27 - 10/23/18 12:32
Prep time 5 months
baseline book mtb,online resources like google search on topics /videos on youtube to understand concepts deeply
ccs from mapping uworld,fred
mcqs uworld
studied in morning s and had sp in the evening to discuss uw.
mapping lecture for biostats...totally worth it.
uw content very volatile. Even though i did it once with an sp it felt i was starting fresh when i did it the second time and did not complete it all the way to the end due to lack of time.
Took NBME exam a week before and was devastated ...but decided to ignore it and go forth.

Day1 exam was ok ..wasnt sure if my answers were correct but went with the flow.
Day 2 mcqs were good but ccs was tough for me even though i had practiced well.
So was not sure if I was going to pass.. but 3 weeks of anxiety until results came.
Watched movies /did online shopping to distract and calm myself ....but things went ok in the end.
Good luck to all who are going to appear soon.
God bless!!
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* Re:Passed!
  peds7 - 10/24/18 07:46
  Congrats....did you take nbme 4 or 5 and what did you score?  
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* Re:Passed!
  surepass27 - 10/29/18 13:39
  I took nbme 5...took the test in fits and starts during the test.To be honest I scored hopelessly low that I did not even want to look at it and feel bad.Erased it off my head .  
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* Re:Passed!
  surepass27 - 10/29/18 14:02
  My scores in uw were variable ranging from 50-70% depending on the day.My feeling is none of the stuff...uw averages,nbme ,score correlators are accurate.I did spend hours comparing my score to uw /real exam score chart which i randomly found on google search. I felt miserable and decided to just stop googling and go forth with the exam irrespective of the fluctuating scores.They were new questions.But again there are people who might want to score high and be absolutely sure before taking the exam.This info is not for them!

Ultimately it boils down to that day,that moment in time as none of the questions which came up resembled that in uw or kaplan.
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* Re:Passed!
  andren - 10/29/18 16:46
  congratulations, thank you for sharing. my step 2 was 6 years ago, do you think 4-5 months will be enough for preparation? can you send me the link to mapping biostat lecture?  
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* Re:Passed!
  surepass27 - 10/31/18 21:47
  yes that's the link.The teachers name is Dr. Shaher. The lecture was good along with the notes.  
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* Re:Passed!
  surepass27 - 10/31/18 21:48
  5 months of prep full time is good.The step 3 content is very just evaporates from your head if you take too long a prep.  
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* Re:Passed!
  toxicity - 11/03/18 09:11
  Hi ,

congrats on passing would u mind contacting me at need to ask u something?
My exam in 20 days plesase contact me
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