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* finally passed guys!
  drusmleex - 10/19/18 11:43
  Thank you universe I finally Passed step 3!!!

First of all let me tell you guys, this is a killer exam..has sucked my entire time, happiness and career till 2017..the nagging feeling ..the incompleteness.I must say I nailed it this year .
Started and restarted my preps over and over gain due to lack of time, personal reasons, ...and mainly lack of confidence.
First and foremost strategy was simple plain positive thinking and creative visualization that the 'pass' had already happened.I made a vision board which says pass as in the score report (courtesy:google!)and a picure of me next to it.
That really worked as a fantastic reminder to look at it everyday.
For reading ...honestly didnt read much but kept mtb as a skeleton book and started viewing lots and lots of youtube videos. I am a visual person so that gave me a lot of confidence to undestand concepts in depth.
I viewed osmosis and mostly Paul bolins videos, medcram,dirty usmle ,lecutrio,Josephmedman,Khan acdemy etc etc etc.For biostats i did a live 1x1 lecture with Dr.Omar in
Then i made tiny notes for some and some just practiced vocalizing to my mom dearest, and my children in a way that they understand.Then came the uw questions I practiced uw rapidly taking almost in test like format each time
and almost finihsed it 2 weeks before the e xam. For ccs, I did uw predominantly two times and rapid review of mapping ccs,crush ccs and some first aid.
I used to read the forum everyday and feel sometimes low coz some people seemed super prepared. Nevertheless I brought my positive spirits to play again and convinced that I am not them, I am me,unique,special
and will succeed in my own way.Which I did!
Now coming to the exams...D1 was tough, Tiring but i read each question carefully begining to end with calm mind and proceeded with the answer that I thought was best choice.Biostats were ok.Thankfully i had read
some microbiology, pharrmacology and opthalmology based on someones advice in this forum.Whoever you are... thanks a bunch for saving me.
Day 2 was ok managable and I felt ok and no biostats. Then came CCS ...things just flew ,i felt i could have done way better .Did not diagnose two -three cases.The software was way too fast than any practice software I had.i must admit I felt miserable after the whole thing got over.
Anyway its done now.I have a list below whom I want to thank from the bottom of my heart.

My Sincere thanks to my mom,
My family,(For supporting me ...emotionally and financially)
Dr.Omar Shaer (
Paul Bolin (CRASH ! videos)
Dr.Rishi Desai and team (
Other You tubers who sincerely put the videos out there for everyone to learn with no vested interest whatsoever.
Invisible friends from this forum
Last but not the least Steve Chen,Chad Hurley,Jawed Karim (Founders of Youtube!!!)

I came to know I passed.Score 196.I feel elated and my happiness is back again. Now getting ready to march forward after a gap with a roar into my fellowship/residency,board certification and licensing in the place of my choice.
Goodbye USMLE forever and Hello clinical practice.
Guys if I can do it with all the adversities can you. I hope this message sends a ray of hope to someone like me, old grad, mom with career gap in some part of the world reading this,All the best to you.
Remember to always think postive no matter what anyone ,any forum tells you.The universe will see to it that you get what you deeply desired for.
So long friends of this forum.Ciao!!!
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* Re:finally passed guys!
  baharzad - 04/11/19 15:46
  you gave me hope, I have exactly the same situation, mom, almost done with residency and still struggling with this exam..
good luck in ur new life,
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* Re:finally passed guys!
  nuri94 - 04/15/19 23:22
  thank you for your guidance  
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* Re:finally passed guys!
  britfelo - 05/08/19 20:22
  I agree  
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* Re:finally passed guys!
  britfelo - 05/18/19 20:56
  anyone from toledo OH area for SP?  
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