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  triastole - 11/26/18 10:40
  Hi guys.
Just wanted to post useful info for those who are planning to sit for Step 3.I am not going to cover topics that are tested on Step 3, just some tips on study material.Each and every person is different, I am sharing my own experience, which might not apply to your case, so do not repeat,simply make notes for yourself:

First of all, numerous interns are claiming that 1 week of studying for Step 3 is enough, I think it is a lie.Exam covers numerous topics and in order to pass you need to review your Step 1 and Step 2 material along with Step 3 material.
It took me over 2 months of dedicated studying.I reviewed FA- Step 2 CK and used it for reference while studying FA for Step 3. I did UWorld twice;answered in exam mode all questions and then reviewed all incorrectly answered items. UWorld CCS is helpful but in comparison to real exam seems insufficient. I cannot explain why, but my cases on real exam wouldn't allow me to continue management, for some reason many of them were ending before I could initiate any management after stabilizing my patient.
What I studied:
1.Paul Bolin for Step 3 on Youtube; Watch these videos if you have time.
2.Master the Boards USMLE Step 3 by Conrad Fischer: Alone- Not enough to pass.
3.FA for Step 2CK and 3.
4.UWorld- I scored 60th percentile.UWorld CCS: Finished in 2 days and practiced random 2 cases daily for a month

Day 1- was rough.Some Questions were difficult and some straight-forward. I think reviewing Step 1 material is important to get a high score (Obviously only clinical material, not everything).You need to concentrate your attention on reading the question stem carefully but quickly, labs are very important, please memorize normal values prior to sitting for exam to save time.
Day 2- went fast. I think FA for Step 3 and Master the Boards USMLE Step 3 by Conrad F covers MOSTLY Day 2 of this exam.

Do not rush to take the exam. If you think that taking the exam will boost your chances to secure a spot in residency- you are wrong. Programs are looking at Step 1 and 2, but if you will fail Step 3 before residency it will negatively affect your application. Usually Step 3 is taken during PGY 2. Passing rate for step 3 is the highest in comparison to Step 1 and 2, so do not get discouraged-focus on studying.

I wish good luck to all of you.
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