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* STEP 3 SP (March/April exam)
  med786 - 11/26/18 17:16
  Hey everyone, I would like to know if anyone wants to have study sessions few times a week going over materials and concepts from UW, MTB, CCS etc. My strategy is to go through the stuff myself and then discuss and go over HY for each topic (main points to remember). This way it will help to reinforce what I learn. Its all about repetition and learning via different study techniques. If anyone is interested please leave your skype ID here.

I am a US IMG, graduated in 2017. I have applied for the match this year, but in case I don't match then I have to make sure I have my scores way before the next cycle, or inshaAllah I match then it's better to get Step 3 out of the way. I am in EST time zone.

I am planning to take the exam sometime in March or latest in April.
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* Re:STEP 3 SP (March/April exam)
  peterh - 11/27/18 01:58
  yes I'm interested. i live in cali  
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* Re:STEP 3 SP (March/April exam)
  socalstudypartner - 12/02/18 03:34
  I live in California too. LA in specific. Peterh, please email I have similar date for exam.  
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