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* Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  usmloma - 12/19/18 18:19
  Sorry for long post
This is my opinion and I might not be right and my experience might not apply to everyone.

This is my second attempt.
First attempt I got 190.
Second attempt I passed. THE SECRET IS CCS.

I studied UW+ MTB+ CCS mapping+UW CCS+ Archer videos. over 4 months, i work from 7-5 and some weekends and calls.

MTB x2: useless but it helps you to gauge your study plan.
UW twice, first time over 3 months 61% and second time over 1 month was 73%.
I reviewed all questions. I reviewed wrong answers and searched for answers in this forum.
I did UW CK for peds and OBGyn- important for those who took CK long time ago.
I also read some pages from kaplan CK for things that I do not know.

day 1: I was very short in time and was unable to catch up 2-4 questions each block.
day 2: was easy and I felt horrible wasting some questions due to time.

was unusual scenarios but easy and not need to be wise and choose not to order everything at once. for example: if you have a 10 minutes case, you have no time to order everything you want but only relevant and focused work up.
CCS mapping is helpful in cases outside of UW
UW CCS is a must. you should do it twice.
Archer videos are annoying to watch but very helpful especially first video.

Real exam is details-oriented type, example: let's say you got a question in UW about 15 yo F who lives alone and asking about abortion or vaccine or even emergent surgery for a young boy who comes with his aunt or grandmother. READ about consent(I got at least 10 questions with different scenarios). OR another example, Drug A works on receptor X let's say Throboxan. it will be easy to know it is Thromboxan but in the options it will ask you on it works on thromboxan doing what? so just once you study relax and bring your brain with you and pay attention to details.

- I took UW assessment 3 wks before test i got 183- horrible!!! I know, but I thought I should go for it
Real exam was >20 points above.

IN MY Opinion:
If you are an old grad or finished CK long time ago- you need to do CK UW or at least part of it then focus on CCS.
If you are fresh grad you need only UW and CCS.

To my fellows who are struggling and frustrated or even depressed:
This exam is easier than what you think or even what i thought but it needs strategy. it is not the time to blame yourself for not being a great student in med school. have faith and make sure you cover all topics in UW (not complete them as a task but understand concepts).
I did not need to remember a lot rather I felt that the exam tests your understanding of concepts and ability to make decisions and aware of complications.

- At least 20 questions of pharmacology so I read pharmacology.
- Biostat in first day Brutal, but i focused on common concepts and answered randomly on complicated ones- very similar to UW.
- I got few questions from the free sample on USMLE website.

Study partner is helpful in CCS practicing. but unfortunately, this forum has changed to SP finder with all due respect.
I learned a lot from this forum, I mean this forum is one of the most important causes of me passing. I did not read any negative thoughts and kept my positive attitude and searched over and over for any question or concept i do not understand when doing UW questions.

-FYI: I do not think step 3 score matters for programs as long as you pass.

After finishing the test I was depersonalized and hated everything because of fatigue but it really feels well when you get the pass result.

- last thing: do not listen to any negative thoughts. just be responsible and do your part (study).

do apologize for this long post
Good luck awesome people
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  toxicity - 12/20/18 05:18

thanks for the encouraging post can u pls let me know if you took any nbme and which uw assesment was it?

did you do anything else for the biostats and how was ur bar for the ccs all the way to the right? did u do any other banks?
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  chuk5r - 12/20/18 16:18
  thank you very helpful tips.  
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  usmloma - 12/20/18 19:41
I did uw step 1offline/2offline/3 online.
UwA 1. Was really difficult.
I read pharmacology from FAstep 1 quickly in one day.
Receptors, mechanisms and side effects. Like amphetamine tox and cocaine tox etc.
- I felt UWA was very helpful in a way it pushed me to focus my study in the last 3 wks. If i had time I would do all UWA forms and searched for answers..

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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  jasmena - 12/23/18 02:45
  I did 2 hour biostat and epidemiology lecture with them, it was the best.  
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  kasim89 - 01/02/19 13:22
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  med8787 - 01/03/19 17:01
  Yassss the usmle can go choke on bratwurst!!!!!  
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  ruslav5 - 01/09/19 12:09
  thank you  
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  truman - 01/15/19 13:05
  congratulation good job  
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  fotan21 - 01/21/19 21:04
  persistence is the key  
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* Re:Passed-2nd attempt- Exerience
  jasmena - 01/29/19 14:12
  good luck  
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