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* LIVE Webinar TODAY for Unmatched MDs
  letsmakeanimpact2018 - 02/01/18 13:07
  FREE LIVE WEBINAR TODAY 2/1 4:30 PM Pacific Time/Los Angeles:
‘High-Paying Career Option For Unmatched MDs, While Preparing For Match 2019”

No interviews? No Residency, YET?

Wondering how you can use your knowledge and skills NOW to make a massive impact on people’s health, while achieving massive financial success, and while preparing for the next Match?

In 2015, I made an awesome career move. At that time I was working very hard to get into Residency and in my mind, I couldn’t possibly see myself doing something else, I only knew Medicine.

There is a phenomenon known as the "Life After No Match". You know what I'm talking about...

You spent years and years preparing for Residency, many sleepless nights, missing out on family and friends gatherings, thousands of hours in isolation studying for brutal exams, thousands of dollars spent on your education only to find out...


Not being part of the Match for this coming year doesn't signal the end of your career… Even if it may feel that way at first!

People with a "Life After No Match" tend to feel stuck, lost, confused, sad and defeated! If you are like me and have your heart set on making a massive impact on people’s health, while achieving massive career and financial success.

Your career is NOT OVER!

Through my education and experience, I learned how to make a massive impact on people's health using my medical skills and knowledge without Residency and I do this very legally! I set my own hours, don't have a boss yelling at me or driving during rush hour times!

All it takes is learning some specific skills and dedicate a few hours to yourself each day.

That's why I created a FREE LIVE WEBINAR just for YOU!

A One-Hour LIVE WEBINAR that will be held Thursday, February 1st, 2018 4:30 PM Pacific Time/ 6:30 PM Central Time/ 7:30 PM Eastern Time!

Limited SPACE AVAILABLE – REGISTERED TODAY in the link below to save your space and get the details of the webinar.
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* Re:LIVE Webinar TODAY for Unmatched MDs
  drshawnohara - 03/19/18 17:28
  email enycity at gmail for RESIDENCY SUCCESS TIPS (put it int osubject header!)  
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