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* USMLE tutoring-virtual, personalized
  prepare4steps - 02/02/18 19:52
  I am a board-certified, Vanderbilt-trained pediatrician with a broad portfolio of both clinical and medical education experience. Test preparation has always been a personal strength (I graduated first in my medical school class). I have helped many students prepare for tests using strategies that I've developed. I integrate these techniques into a personalized, 1:1 approach with virtual sessions online. I work alone and am able to charge a very reasonable rate (my fees are less than 1/3 of other similar services offered by tutors with much less training). For a free consultation, please call me at 631-403-2181.  
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* Re:USMLE tutoring-virtual, personalized
  slaythedragon2018 - 02/03/18 12:18
  If you are charging $13.75K to tutor for a step, you may as well use some of your money to make a webpage so you seem somewhat legit.

Stop spamming this website with this nonsense. People here are desperate to do well on these exams and the ones who don't know any better will fall for for this garbage.

This message applies to both of the accounts who posted here.

Someone please block these accounts

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* Re:USMLE tutoring-virtual, personalized
  prepare4steps - 02/20/18 20:19
  You seem to have me confused with another group. There are groups out there that charge what you are suggesting but I do not charge anywhere near such a rate. My consultation rate is free and my tutoring rates are a fraction of most companies as I work alone. I have a website so please get your facts straight and contact me off line if you have an issue. Thank you.  
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* Re:USMLE tutoring-virtual, personalized
  docbv - 02/21/18 16:13
  Sir, there is nothing wrong is slaythedragons comment on doubting,may be you guys are on the same team but as mle candidate have been scammed few years ago by one Sanjay gupta(dont know if you are aware) so just making sure we all in the same page of alertness. I know few bad apples will ruin a basket.
Good luck with the prep.
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