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* Step 1/2CK Tutor (260+/270+ experience)
  usmlelitetutor - 02/06/18 09:56
  Hi all! Looking for tutoring for Step 1 or Step 2? I'm an experienced tutor in my 4th year of medical school that has scored 267 on Step 1 and 277 on Step 2 (99th percentile on both tests). I attribute my score to hard work and a lot of time spent researching how to best approach studying and answering questions.

Some reasons why I think you'd benefit from my help:
-I have a 5+ year history of tutoring difficult concepts that will be tested on the USMLE. Some of these experiences include teaching ECG review sessions for 2nd year medical students at my institution and teaching Physiology, Biochemistry, and Anatomy to 1st year medical students.
-I have an extensive Anki flash card deck (> 4000 cards) that I've created myself that includes the high yield points that you need to know from UWorld for Step 2 CK. You can skip the tedious work and time needed to create your own flash cards because I'll provide this deck for you!
-I work closely with my students and create study schedules for them that are focused on improving their weak points and optimizing their study time.
-I work through UWorld, USMLErx, and Kaplan questions with my students during online sessions and help them find their most efficient approach to answering questions.

Check out my Wyzant profile if you are interested. My rate is much lower than what the big companies charge. Happy studying!
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