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* Multiple fails. Advice needed.
  ferrarigirl14 - 03/28/18 03:05
  Step 1 fail: 2014
Re-Step 1 pass: 2015
Step 2 ck and step 2 cs fail: 2017
its 2018 now.
how much more time do I have to complete my exams. also there is a possibility of me moving to Saudi Arabia end of this year. will an MD count there. and basically what should I do to pass he exams. cause I just feel lost. thankyou.
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* Re:Multiple fails. Advice needed.
  arsalanhamza - 03/28/18 06:14

I am an IMG and I scored 250+ on USMLE Step 1. I believe I can help you. I am teaching Step 1 to anyone who's looking for some extra help. I am holding individual online sessions of 1 hour duration 5 days/week. I am charging 300$/month. I guarantee you will pass if you study with me as long as you are willing to put in the hard work. I will be going over high yield resources like First aid for step 1 and uworld during the online sessions. I will be working with you to improve your weak areas. I will also be giving out a free half hour trial session for you to decide if my methods will benefit you.

Please leave me a message if you are seriously interested.
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* Re:Multiple fails. Advice needed.
  mobael - 05/14/18 11:06
  You didn't fail, you just didn't try enough.
you fail when you stop trying.
you fail when you give up on your dreams, you fail when you walk away.
never give up, it's never too late.
we are 2018. so what?
you can do it, anyone who graduated from any medical school can do it. just have the faith and believe in yourself. don't feel down. stand up tall and say I can do it and God willing you will do it.
best of luck
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