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* tutor for step 3
  nisatd - 04/29/18 08:22
  is there a good tutor for ccs and biostats? please advice.  
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* Re:tutor for step 3
  altinbas - 04/29/18 08:27
  this is for CCS:

and this is for biostats:
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* Re:tutor for step 3
  drsinha - 05/05/18 20:13
  why choose me?
I have cleared my step 3 since then I am teaching regularly. I am available to teach during the evenings and on the weekends.
As most people have difficulty in CCS portion, Biostats and Foundation Stuff, I have made special classes for CCS, Biostats and Anatomy and Pharmacology. I am in Eastern Time zone, my email id is, I will tell you what the exam is looking for and help you get your dream score.
With a tutor, everything is individualized to the specific student there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning.
I believe that the best tutoring session is one that addresses didactic needs (i.e. teaching someone how to recognize different murmurs) and then uses practice questions to reinforce that knowledge.
I analyze and then categorize the issue. For e.g. if someone is missing questions simply because there is a gap in their knowledge base or if there is a problem with their test-taking strategy. From there, I teach them useful tips like how to break down a question and summarize key details, utilize the process of elimination to hone in on the correct answer, and timing skills that will ensure they are never rushed. At the end of the day, knowledge is half the battle learning how to apply that knowledge is what separates a good score from a great one.
Please don't hesitate to send me an email at for any type of queries.
I do offer a complimentary 30-minute session for ccs.
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