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* korean speaking Grads required full time Care-Coor
  anthonysubbiah - 06/28/18 14:20
  Enable Healthcare Inc (EHI), is a Health Information Technology (HIT) company with Head Quarters in East Hanover, NJ. EHI is looking to hire Medical Graduates, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Certified Medical Assistants (CMA) for their growing Chronic Care Management (CCM) business. CCM is a new service that connects Patients with Clinical Staff who communicate with the Patients over the phone once a month. During this conversation, Clinical Staff engage with patients and encourage them to be compliant with Diet, Medication and Exercise while also assisting them with ‘gaps in care’. Such Clinical Staff are qualified Medical Graduates, LPN or CMA.
As the healthcare moves towards preventative care, it becomes important for the patients to be engaged once a month so that they are in compliance, following the plan, diet and medications as prescribed by their Doctors. In order to increase the compliance, patients need to be reminded over phone and encouraged to continue to adapt to the lifestyles recommended by their Doctors.
Clinical Staff (LPN and/or CMA) are responsible for the functions are listed below in no special sequence:
• Understand CCM Program – and benefits to Patients and Physicians; in-house training would be provided
• Understand the requirements those make the CCM Program successful
• Get trained on CCM Application
• Understand effective use of technology tools
• Be pleasant and cordial over the phone with the patients
• Engage the patients over phone with a consistent conversation that is in line with clinical requirements
• Input data and capture conversation in the notes within the CCM Application
• Follow up on any specific task for specific patient to close
• Suggest periodic improvements or modifications based on the healthcare and business requirements
• Attend weekly training sessions to upgrade skills
This is clinical data analytics & HIT related work and is well received by the Doctors associated with Hospitals and Hospital Programs.
Salary will depend on proficiency and qualification from $30,000 to $48,000.
Incentives – additional based on performance
Position: Full Time; Part Time accepted based on qualifications
Location HQ – East Hanover, NJ

If interested please email to or

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