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* Tutoring step 2ck & step3. Residency advice avail
  dtutor99 - 08/13/18 19:27
Contact me at:
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* Re:Tutoring step 2ck & step3. Residency advice ava
  kumkumpupp - 09/22/18 12:14  
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* “Integrated-Unique-Pre-Med to Private/Group Practi
  madatboards - 08/27/19 17:18
Tuesday, August 27, 2019, 5:17 PM, EST “Integrated-Unique Pre-Med to Private/Group-Practice…” *

Long Island, New York 11801-2111
(“Online: Anywhere…Anytime…All Things Medical… ”)
Sms 5163427303 ; email madatboards at outlook dot com

Objective: To provide you, as a “One=Stop-Shop”-comprehensive- lifelong-service, for aspiring medical professionals, assisting you, from ‘premed through, to private practice…on through, to retirement…’

• Background

o Unfortunately, online, and even through your own local network, you will encounter hundreds of premed-, USMLE-tutoring, residency-advisor, medical professional-recruiter- and medical practice-finance, medical practice-manager agencies, “out there…”
 This is the first (perhaps in the world…!), founded by a genius, ivy-league (Yale-) educated, MD, MS, MS, MPH, MBA, former primary care practitioner, and current medical teacher,healthcare financier, “consummate-networker,” that realized the urgent market need, in this ‘services’-sharing economy…” and combined all of them into one singular entity (the “family medical- specialist_” equivalent of a medical career counselor)

• Method

o You need an -all-in-one-“gatekeeper,” to remove all of your elaborate, yet lucrative-career-related decision-making-related complications
 Let us do what “we do best…”, as specialists, and referrers to our elite network of entrepreneurial agencies, in namely:

 MCAT- guaranteed target scores for individual sections
 USMLE- “guaranteed pass,” for all three written steps
 Residency admissions’ counseling; targeted searches and applications-enhancers
 Recruiter network across all four major USA-regions, driven by health economics, for “your specific case…”
 For those choosing group or private practice, discounted “one-stop-shop-“service offerings, including:

 Financing options-(alternative) for healthcare, including standard cash advances, and amortized loans
 “A-Z,”cost-effective-practice management enhancing-options (I.e., “Automate, automate and …automate…”)
 AI in healthcare practice management and in marketing to your patient census
 Per diem-healthcare-CPA tax accounting; “virtual CFO”

• Results

o It is our 18th year in our teaching endeavors, and with enhanced healthcare-practice technology, growing at “break-neck-“ speed, our founder, has created the latter network, over the past 7 years
 For the “teaching-“ component, our results are summarized below (especially for the USMLE)
 For the “business-,” component, our results are summarized below
• Conclusion (s)

o Teaching: Reviewed by, on average, eight matriculating students per year, since program’s inception in 2001, with data in place since the complete program was developed in 2004, examinees that partook in:
 U.S.M.L.E, step 1
 U.S.M.L.E, step 2-Clinical Knowledge
 U.S.M.L.E., step 3

 Achieved, overall, throughout this duration, an improvement of a mean-IMG- client’s examination-passage rate, from 38 to 98 percent.
o Business:
 Business: component, our results are summarized for each service, and has individual-logged-data-driven-outcomes (to be provided at your consultation with us), yet in all cases, the investment made into AI-based, or other service-entity, typically has yielded returns’-on-investments, as net profits, ranging from:

 2-4-fold, or greater

* Be sure, in case you are not in the medical arena, to ask us about our teaching programs for Bar exam, CFA, NCLEX-RN, with similar warranties available…

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