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* Scribe needed
  rs5712 - 12/03/18 20:40
We are looking to hire a Medical Scribe

College, medical degree, and/or medical training
Ability to multi-task
Responsible and mature individual with a passion for healthcare and learning
Ability to clearly and concisely communicate, orally and in writing
Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
Computer literacy

The Medical Scribe role is a paid position where candidates gain a useful and durable base of medical information. The position is ideal for postgraduates scientifically inclined students planning to work in the medical field. Equally, scribes get on-the-job clinical exposure.

Candidate should be looking for valuable clinical experience with busy experienced doctors.

Individuals are required to accurately document patient encounters, and assist the physician under their direct supervision. The successful candidate will receive ongoing education.

No prior experience is required. Candidate will be trained.

Prepare for a career in medicine and get ahead of the curve by learning to think like a professional healthcare provider
Gain an extensive understanding of medical terminology in a clinical setting where you will be paid to shadow and work alongside physicians
Work as an essential part of a real medical team
Learn much more than just charting by becoming the physicians right-hand wo/man

If you feel you are a great fit, please send us your CV or resume. Contact us through email at
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* Re:Scribe needed
  faarinakhan - 12/07/18 20:58
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* Re:Scribe needed
  rs5712 - 12/10/18 22:14
  The job listed above is in New York, Long Island  
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* Re:Scribe needed
  usukfriend - 12/18/18 20:44
  is this for Urgent care?
how many scribes per shift?
how many patients do each scribes see per shift?

Are there 12 hour shift?

please response
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* Re:Scribe needed
  rs5712 - 12/22/18 09:24
  For private office. Busy office 5 days a week.  
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* Re:Scribe needed
  kaushal1088 - 02/04/19 23:19
  Hello, I am really interested in applying to this paid medical scribe position.

I have sent you an email with my CV/resume describing my previous work experience.

Email :
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