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* step 1 second attempt
  forummem - 01/20/19 21:50
  Hi Folks,
I am an old IMG, done my prior residency in my home country years back. I gave my step 1 last month, and was a miss. I didnt realized what went wrong, but now have to start all over again. Should i do NBME test to find out where i stand at present in regard to my study? or is there any other way to find out, as i had already studied for 1 yr prior to my exam, but it was not continuous. Thanks.
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  raphaella - 01/20/19 22:12
  The step 1 result should show you your performance profile, I'd say start from there and then do NBME when you have studied a bit more to gauge where you stand.  
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  nana.tch - 01/22/19 10:29
  What was ur score? It is 2 nd attempt for me as well, but previously I cancelled my exam  
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  yengal - 01/24/19 12:54
  You need to start the preparation from the block in which you are weak, also take NBME test they are very helpful for the real exam.  
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  kavya@4a1 - 01/25/19 14:57
  Try to prepare the exam next time with the NBME tests it will be more useful for the exam, they are very helpful and they are score you receive in NBME tests are very close to the real exam scores.  
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  rigis12 - 01/28/19 09:40
  I can understand your pain. Im also trying to readjust my study thought i didnt take exam. I actually cancelled after doing nbme. But i believe doing nbme and finding weak areas helps. And studying smart( more exam oriented studying) goes a long way. That is what i have learned sofar.  
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  ei - 02/08/19 14:13
  We are in the same boat. NBME will definitely help you know where you stand. If you are interested in studying together, you can add me up on Skype- blairekevin. I am an old IMG too and this will be my 2nd attempt.  
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* Re:step 1 second attempt
  forummem - 02/10/19 01:02
  Thanks guys. gave nbme 190. found weak areas. how to improve is main goal. earlier, read my studies hav been irregular. So now, say its microbio or biochem, wat to read or approach afresh. like add more resource reading like brs or high yield and then go for uworld?. need to sort it out  
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