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* Smart Preparation Old IMG
  noah19 - 05/05/19 12:50
  Hi I am an old IMG, year of graduation 2004. I took the step 1 in 2005 and I failed for few points , then for reasons of continuing life and work I havenít been able to retake it. I work in a hospital here in NY getting great clinical/surgical experience but is a 8 to 5 or 6 job and then I get home at 7 pm easy and I have a wife and two kids. As I grow now I am 40 and I donít want to have up on my MD career that I started at 17 years old. I want to try one more
Time at least. Please could you help me in finding a good and smart way how to prepare. Even if I never match but at least I feel proud of myself that I did the best of me for Myself and my
family. Please feel free to any positive comment , anything helps !
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* Re:Smart Preparation Old IMG
  dreams01 - 05/05/19 13:08
  Although im not an old img or in your situation, i just want to say: "NEVER GIVE UP" on your dreams.

Keep going and dont stop till you reach your goals.

Wishing you good luck and better late than never!
Stay positive :)
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* Re:Smart Preparation Old IMG
  noah19 - 05/05/19 15:03
  Thank you dreams01. Any advice ?  
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* Re:Smart Preparation Old IMG
  noah19 - 05/05/19 19:02
  Wao thanks  
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* Re:Smart Preparation Old IMG
  priya04 - 05/06/19 18:17
  Some obvious goals for matching esp. if YOG >5 yrs. (Year Of Graduation)

Aim for a Step 1 >250, (sure shot way of getting multiple Interviews- again esp. for yog>10)
Step 2 CK as well.
Step 3
Study strategies- Do all NBME s, do NOT take exams until ur UWSA score is in the vicinity of the goal score.
Master the areas/vigenettes ur scores are low or ur answers were wrong.
Popular study materials - UW q bank, Kaplan videos, First Aid.
Usu. timeline for old grads for Step 1- at least 7-8 months, subsequent exams time taken depends on ur own ability. but average 4-5 months for CK .

CS goes without saying- get performance stars ***** in far right end on the score report.
(this one Im sure you already got it- by staying clinically involved)

Last but NOT the least- get USCE minimum 6 months - the best way to make up for year of graduation being >5 years.

Useful Links-

(Actually these are lessons learnt from my own experiences/ failures, and yes knowledge gained from reading many forum posts, esp this one- too little too late for me. Nevertheless thanks to the forum!)
Information is key!

How I wish I had had this info :)) or someone jus told me about NBMEs atleast, lol !
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* Re:Smart Preparation Old IMG
  rose101 - 05/16/19 08:19
  check this website :
it has all what i needed for helping me pass the test .. ( Videos including Kaplan and DIT // qbanks //nbmes 2019 with answers)
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