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* Famale Dysmenorrhea and Adenomyosis
  henrywong03 - 05/15/19 02:42
  The main symptoms of adenomyosis are menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea. The main symptoms are prolonged menstruation and increased menstrual volume. Some patients may also have drip bleeding before and after menstruation. Severe patients can lead to anemia, which can be combined with surgery in the treatment.

For patients who do not want surgery, it is best to take traditional natural medicine conservative treatment. Because of the individual differences of patients, the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations are different, Fuyan Pill has received better therapeutic effect.

Herbal medicine can be used according to women's monthly phases and physiological changes. It can be divided into four stages: pre-menstruation, menstruation, post-menstruation and ovulation. It can also be used symptomatically according to the principle of grasping early cure, controlling mid-term development and improving symptoms.
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