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* failed step 1
  liuboff1987 - 05/28/19 21:04
  hello everybody I failed step 1 last year.
I am IMD now stay whole day with my 6 months baby. I dont want give up. but dont know where should I start to find this time for study (( 👨‍🔧
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* Re:failed step 1
  docdocsun - 05/30/19 12:35
  Don't listen to anyone. Listen to your heart and gut.
If you have the financial wherewithal, take another shot at it.

Plenty of failed attempts and stories of success scattered all over the floor.

My 1st friend - Failed Step 1 1st time with 188 second time, 225 on Step 2, No USCE, US citizen, YOG 2012

Finishing FM in two week

2nd friend - Immigrant, no money, no USCE, 203/240, no USCE, divorced, baby, in a homeless shelter for 6 months in one of th most dangerous urban settings in the US, reached out to someone over Linkedin for an interview,2nd year IM at a community hospital

3rd friend - the Library buddy, YOG 2010, NO USCE, US citizen, matched and starting in two weeks in IM in NYC

Don't listen to anyone who tries to sway you...YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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* Re:failed step 1
  tanyabhardwaj - 05/31/19 06:16
  Hey, I am looking for a dedicated study partner for USMLE. I have put my profile and study schedule on StudyPal. All my friends in New York use it to find study buddies and groups for USMLE test
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* Re:failed step 1
  liuboff1987 - 05/31/19 18:43
  thank you so much really yes I will try again for sure everything is possible
thanks a lot
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* Re:failed step 1
  getjerryjoseph - 06/03/19 20:11
  I want to partner with you, give me your email, Skype id.  
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* Guaranteed-PERIOD...
  madatboards - 08/26/19 15:46
  just email at my name using outlook dot com. Thanks  
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