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* NBME 16 discussion
  grace1 - 06/26/19 08:19
  hello doctor fellows,
anyone close to exam month and everybody around, would like to discuss ?
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  dawningboom - 06/27/19 00:06
  hey grace i'm up for discussion  
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  grace1 - 06/27/19 03:04
  Great, i will start posting answer in a bit.

stay in touch and please contribute as well.
we will discuss block wise.
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  grace1 - 06/27/19 10:44
  Okay,lets keep a pattern in posting, i.e

Block# - q # given answer key, your answer (only if different) F/B EXPLANATION


B-1,q 2 - given E , but i think it should be H.........

PPV23 because indication is in all age >65 or < 65 if with lung disease or other diseases.

what do you think guys?
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  zhangji - 06/27/19 13:27
  that is ok for the main string. the scope should be a little broad. for example, if I do not understand why the answer is B but not D, then I can post my question here too, right?  
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  grace1 - 06/27/19 13:46
  Yes,sure @zhangji , just mention block and number of q appropriately, rest all is set.  
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  grace1 - 06/27/19 23:11
  B-1,Q 2 REF :
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  zhangji - 06/28/19 07:35
  NBME block 16 Question number 2
answer is E it is hard to explain
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  zhangji - 06/28/19 08:12
  when I practice the questions, I have a habit to take down the note, for example, why I make choice of A or B and also look through other choice to make sure that they are not the best choice.

this way is slow.

I am not sure that this is the best way to go through Kaplan lectures.

Please let me know what is the best way to prepare the foundation?
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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  grace1 - 06/28/19 11:47
  Thanks zhnagji- after an extensive research i got it It should be Hib only.


I don't think i understood your question regarding prep clearly. but i do same way, practising of questions,by taking notes etc.
there is no best or better way to study, choose the style you are comfortable with and works for you,rest depends on how much time you have for your study.
i have 1 month :rolleyes:


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* Re:NBME 16 discussion
  zhangji - 06/28/19 17:19
  Thanks Grace 1,

I think that you already answered my question. I usually took notes when I practice the questions one by one and wrote down everything I searched regarding the questions. then I will come back to review all the questions again for 2nd time.

if you have only one months left, I will recommend you to use flashcards to remember key points and review as many as possible. if I were you, I will do this way.

Good luck for you!
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