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* Failed CS w/ usmlesuccess academy, avoid it
  usman81 - 07/09/19 12:58
  I recently failed my CS exam low performance in ICE and CIS now i cannot match into this years match. I signed up for usmlesuccess academy and they totally mislead me for the exam, their class is a total waste of time, and I didnt learn anything new. I did all the physicals and histories like they showed us and I got low stars. I definitely do not recommend their class. They only had 3 patients for the whole group and it did not give us a realistic feel of the real exam. They didnt go over the patient notes at all. When I tried to call to get my money back, they hung the phone up on me and wouldnt answer my calls, they said that I was to blame myself yet 4 of my other friends that also took their class also failed their exam.
They don't understand what is necessary for the new exam. They were very rude and disrespectful to me when i was on the phone and they are a scam.
their fraud address
1821 Walden Office Square, Suite 555, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
they are a scam and legal action should be taken against them
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