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* Feelings post Step 1 and Worst mistake ever!
  medgirl5 - 09/09/19 11:02
  Hi y'all,

ahh so where do i start....I just took Step 1 yesterday and honestly i have no idea how i feel.
My emotions and thoughts are running wild.

Immediately following the exam I was just happy it was over. I honestly couldn't remember 80% of the questions. I think my brain was just on over-drive/complete focus during the exam that I didn't have the mental capacity to "remember" questions as I was answering them. It was literally just like "Click and Go" mode. Unfortunately though, the questions which i felt was difficult i DO remember because I spent a significant amount of time pondering over them.

Its these questions that make me feel like I bombed the exam.... I also ran out of time for 1 questions on my 4th block (the very last questions). It was something stupid about Giradia and honestly, i studied micro so well that I was shocked to see such a random/integrated question about this bug. I remember seeing it was the last question of the block and i looked at my time..."Okay I have 1minute and 14seconds to really think about this questions, there HAS to be a clue that i'm missing in the question stem"...this was my thought process, and I was re-reading the questions slowly..i literally BLINKED once and Oh My God the blocked time expired!!!! i totally missed answering that question! This was by-far the STUPIDEST mistake Anyone could ever make. I should have At least chosen a random answer and then, re-read it (at least then I wouldn't have left it blank). After this block , i needed a mental break to recuperate myself. I took a 20mins lunch break.

I came back from Lunch with a new mind set which was to not let that 1 missed question affect the rest of my performance. and I was able to manage my time a lot more efficiently. BUT coming back to my original post, I honestly Cannot remember like 80% of the exam.

This morning I woke up and started skimming through first aid, and F*** another 10 questions I got wrong along with the REST i can't even remember.
I was reading other forums about how ppl thought they bombed the exam and ended up doing well (I won't lie, it made me feel better ; Misery loves company lol)

Overall I don't know how I did, I'm going through periods of anxiety and lucid dreams. Any advice or thoughts? THanks guys!
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* Re:Feelings post Step 1 and Worst mistake ever!
  tata_box - 09/10/19 01:37
  Go play some golf. Enjoy life for few weeks.  
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* Re:Feelings post Step 1 and Worst mistake ever!
  reminemi - 09/12/19 12:50
  all the best :)
you will be fine. thats how mostly students feel after step1. plx do share ur prep strategies with us.
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