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* female sp step1/michigan
  divinehs - 09/23/19 12:51
Is there any female sp studying for step 1 in michigan near novi?I'm looking for someone who can motivate each other looking specifically for someone who's going to take exams in 4 months time.I want to study fa systems and do uworld according to the systems/topics.If your interested contact me on skype angeldoc5
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* Re:female sp step1/michigan
  mle1partner - 09/24/19 12:14
I am interested and would like to give the exam in 4-5 months. Also I would like to study FirstAid along with uworld systems based. I wanted to let you know that I am an old graduate, with family and a kid of 5 yo. But, I can study from 9 am to 4 pm everyday, central time. Weekends may be a bit difficult as my son and husband will be at home. I live in Arkansas. If you are interested, ping me on skype.. my skype id is - mle1partner
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* Re:female sp step1/michigan
  zainsha - 09/29/19 19:04
  Hi ,
I'm in Michigan, mom of 2 kids but I've not started prep yet but I would like someone as study partner.Is there any way other than skype to keep in touch like whatsapp ?
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* Re:female sp step1/michigan
  mdsurgeon15 - 10/02/19 20:01
  contact me I have made group. skype id : mdsurgeon15  
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* Re:female sp step1/michigan
  divinehs - 10/05/19 11:45
  Hi Zanisha,
You can contact me on skype angeldoc5 we can speak.
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* Re:female sp step1/michigan
  mdsurgeon15 - 10/06/19 22:03
  this is the group link
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