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* Skype Group
  tsant012 - 02/17/19 19:39
I am looking for members to join our skype study group. It is not a study group per say. There is no discussion. We have our mics on mute and cameras on. The idea is to create a virtual library for those who are studying at home and/or do not have a library available to them. Parallel studying like this will make you feel as if you are with others who are also working towards the same game and not alone. This is only available to individuals in the United States presently. If interested, please leave me your WhatsApp or Skype ID below.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.
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* Re:Skype Group
  usmleak - 09/10/19 12:42
  Please add me, skype ID: rspurelove  
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* Re:Skype Group
  mdmsusmle - 09/11/19 12:59
  Hey add me to the skype group. I live in Virginia. My skype ID is  
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* Re:Skype Group
  chiji - 12/17/19 16:49
  Please add me, Skype ID: Cynthia Uju  
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* Re:Skype Group
  targetsteps - 12/17/19 20:05
  add me
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* Re:Skype Group
  mdz - 12/17/19 21:37
  Please add me too.
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* Re:Skype Group
  nikki1 - 12/18/19 12:47
  pls add me on skype name: nikki (with pink tree profile pic) thanks  
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