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* ck study partner(skype)
  usermd - 04/06/19 18:54
My study is almost done(80%), solved 3 nbme already.

Since I already finished UWx2, I bought step3 UW(tested info is almost same as step2).

I have not decided how to manage study group, however, we can share both qbanks through skype and study together, or independently solving blocks and keep up enough amount to study.

if you are interested, plz leave your skype with plans as a reply. thax.
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* Re:ck study partner(skype)
  usermd - 04/06/19 19:04
**preffered time: 8PM-11PM (EST) weekday

weekend : free all day
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* Re:ck study partner(skype)
  lasi123 - 04/08/19 13:26
  hello i am intrested
skype id: laseenaazher
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* Re:ck study partner(skype)
  honey123rich - 04/15/19 09:08
  hello, i am interested
please add me on skype
my skype is honeyhann
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* Re:ck study partner(skype)
  docmdusmle - 04/22/19 17:09

I am looking for a study partner to study MTB 2. I would love to do a cover to cover revision of MTB 2. We could discuss and read together. I am looking for an active and fully dedicated study partner who is committed to studying for USMLE. I am looking for active learning to supplement our MTB pages with questions from U world or additional points we could add on to the topics and relate with the subject.
Study Hours: EST 5AM-7AM
Please email me on DOCMDUSMLE@GMAIL.COM
Skype: docmdusmle

All the best with your USMLE preparation
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