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* old grad
  menduza - 07/23/19 11:23
  please, does anyone know how an old grad can get retrain for a year in the USA? is it possible to get retrained in the USA in order to get a new "year of graduation"? i graduated october 2015. i couldn't get a spot for step 2CS this year, so i am planning to take the CS next year and i am planning to do IM. Will 6months "Hands-on clinical experience cover up for my long grad year?. I will really appreciate your response  
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* Re:old grad
  usmile08 - 07/25/19 10:51
  Try joining a Caribbean school as advanced standing student and do a year of clinical rotations through them
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* Re:old grad
  parmesh495 - 08/07/19 13:46
  If you gain hands-on rotations will be helpful which can make the CV strong and for old grad it will show that you are clinically active which can help with the gap.  
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* Re:old grad
  santhosh - 08/13/19 11:49
  Yes getting more than 6 months of hands-on clinical experience will cover up the gap year.  
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* Re:old grad
  madatboards - 08/27/19 17:14
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