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* ck uw sp
  usmle_001 - 09/02/19 13:17
  I am looking for a sp for uw

I have 30% remaining so first I wanna finish that and then restart and do all of uw systemwise again alongwith uw notes+annotations+mtb
Therefore I am looking for a sp who can adjust with this.

Also I am not a very fast learner so I want someone who is ok with my speed
I can also share my uw screen if you don't have uw

I can study from 9am-3pm EST(6pm-1am Indian timezone).Need someone who can sit with me for all these hours with small breaks in between.
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* Re:ck uw sp
  usmle_001 - 09/02/19 13:19
  I would prefer someone who will continue studying with me through the whole process of ck and not someone who wants to study for few days and then leave.

Also during the second round we can incorporate cms questions for 1/1.5 hours daily.
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* Re:ck uw sp
  usmle2503 - 09/05/19 10:23
  hi i am interested ..i have similar plans....i am in est ...get in touch with me ...
my Skype id S fatima...
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* Re:ck uw sp
  deepam - 09/07/19 12:29
  hi. im in central time zone and i would be on board for this as well! how do i get in contact? i have uworld and notes ready!  
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* Re:ck uw sp
  mahamusmle - 09/07/19 21:27
  I am on the same boat ... kindly text me back if still available  
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* Re:ck uw sp
  deepam - 09/08/19 01:14
  i am! whats your skype ID? or email
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* Re:ck uw sp
  bortezomib - 09/19/19 18:52
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* Re:ck uw sp
  adshaimyu - 09/19/19 20:30
  I am interested for having committed SP for CK studying  
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* Re:ck uw sp
  zmmle - 09/26/19 17:26
  Hello am interested. Skype:  
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* Re:ck uw sp
  targetsteps - 10/04/19 00:50
  skype me nanditha228  
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