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* Ck journey- Grace1
  grace1 - 10/16/19 05:35
  All praise to God,

Officially my CK journey starts from today.
I have been looking for study partner but i realised better to have journal of my own and let people with same frequency match with me here.

Plan is to take ck by march'20 (fingers crossed) means i have roughly 6 months.


Day -1

Its 3pm (IST) : I have no strict schedule yet,for myself, but i will make one soon.

I am starting with Dr Cornard Fischer,Cardiology section, once i am done with it, will do UW questions and some Anki.

So far, yes, this simple!

(NB: for step 1 i had very complex study regime which didn't help much,so keeping it simple for step 2 ck).

lets start...............

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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  grace1 - 10/16/19 14:05
  ...CONTINUE Day 1( 10/16/19) :

Did finish some of cardio by Dr fischer and few anki.

i am happy that, at least, i could start, and say to myself " Had productive, 1st day of my prep." Yay!

Its 11:30 pm here, and i think i can put in few more hours and do FA (actually confused whether to use SU or FA) so perhaps ,just going to skim through both books and decide what would better suit my learning style.

Meanwhile, any inputs from you, peeps? :)
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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  grace1 - 10/17/19 08:58
  Day- 2 ( 10/17/19) 6:30 pm

I referred to Harrison and ended up reading from that x 2 hrs . Liked it.

I took 1 month break since my step 1,now i am feeling so slow to pick up speed but,Yeah, i know, NO excuses!

still on cardiology topic.Taking Baby steps..........

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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  goof - 10/18/19 00:49
  Our prep level may differ but still.. Nice Idea to post daily progress.

18th Oct-
Aiming for 1 UW block today. Lets see....
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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  grace1 - 10/18/19 03:54
  hey! welcome goof on the board :) ,yes you can, motive is to not feel alone. Level doesn't matter, we always can learn from each other.


Report from last night(day 2) :

Did 10 uw cardio q. & completed IHD and CAD topic. My study timings are also very disturbed, i could study for 6-7 hours only with lots of breaks(bigger ,smaller) .Tried pomodoro technique but ended up pausing and took interrupted time blocks,but ,hey, good to track time.


Day 3 (10/18/19) @ 1 pm :

Aim: finish cardio by tonight and do UW q,at least 20.

" Old ways won't open new doors "

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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  goof - 10/19/19 02:21
  Reached only half way mark.

19th Oct.
will not let distractions to bother me and break yesterdays limit by doing full 40.

by the way, pomodoro is a technique to bind you into time limit, won't work for all.
Try rewarding yourself in anyway that u like.
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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  grace1 - 10/19/19 11:04
  Good to see you goof.
Yes, for some,it may be not working(pomodoro) but for me, its cool! keeps me engaged and yes reward i should give to myself :D. thanks for this idea.

when is your exam?

Day -4 (10/19/19) 7:20pm :

Was busy day, did 10 UW question to jump start my day then tried to finish cardio but i am still at it, trying to gain as much knowledge as i can for both exam and patient's sake. Now, i feel i am into it !
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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  goof - 10/21/19 00:31
  Hi Grace,
still 2 months to go for the exam.

21st Oct.
Today will try to outdo myself.
aiming for more than 1 block.
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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  grace1 - 10/22/19 16:39
  Wasted Day 5, totally!
Day 6- today i made a strict timetable for myself. SO, Now on, posting will depend on my time availability.

Thanks goof for company. Hope you are doing well! see you around.
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* Re:Ck journey- Grace1
  goof - 10/23/19 10:15
  Its totally fine. we all need breaks.
Just make small progress everyday in whatever you are studying.
like you even i didn't finish up to mark. so trying again.
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