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* I passed CS!!!
  jenjendrjen - 02/06/19 23:15
  I took my exam on Dec. 12th 2018 in LA.
My result came out on Jan 30th 2019.

I wanted to share how i passed CS on first attempt.

CS is a very do-able exam with consistent practice. No need to worry about this exam if you have prepared it enough. However, i think lots of practice is needed.

I studied for CS 2 months prior to my exam. I got a CS study group with studymates.
We practiced online and offline. I spend about 5-6 hours a day practicing with my partners.
I had about 4-5 partners. Every case I did, I did it timed and wrote PN on the standardized format.
At first I would run out of time taking history and writing notes, but as I practiced more and more
I could make it in time.

I went through FA 2 times. Then I did UW cases once.
And then I did random cases with my partners.
At the last 2 weeks of my prep, I started practicing 8-10 cases per day.
The last few days, I went through FA minicases. I don't know if this helped me alot, but it
helped me get a better idea what to have in my differentials and work up studies.

My results came out like this.

ICE: borderline to high performance
CIS: high performance
SEP: very high performance

The cases in my exam were mainly covered with FA and UW cases (except 2-3 cases)
The SPs were very unfriendly in my impression. (about half of them were friendly, and half were unfriendly.
and among the unfriendly SPs, about 2-3 were extremely unfriendly.. like their facial expressions were telling me 'I don't want to answer your questions..' and answering in very short sentences. However, I tried to calm down and ask if anything was making them uncomfortable. and try to calm them down if they felt any anxiety.

The things that I would like to do differently if I took it again.
1. I would practice with my study partners with more unfriendly enviroment. (where the SPs don't answer your questions as nicely)
2. I would express more empathy whether the SPs respond or not.
I was too intimidated by the rudeness of some of the SPs. (couple SPs wouldn't even bother to respond to me when I said I am sorry to have made you uncomfortable in anyway.)
3. I highly recommend taking a mock exam of any kind. I think this really makes a lot of difference.
I was going to take a mock exam before my actual exam, however i couldn't make any time for it. And that was the biggest mistake I made. As soon as I got out of the test center, I totally regretted not having taken a mock exam. I think it is worth practicing the exam at least once with the exam center environment.
4. Time management!!
I think this examination is 50% about time management. I messed up on some cases not able to manage time properly and ran out of time. I recommend to finish each case 2-3 mins earlier to make more time for writing PNs. I type pretty fast, however, I still felt like I needed more time to write PNs.

I think this exam is all about practice.
Practice writing PNs as much as possible. I think I wrote about 250 PNs total before my exam, and this helped me alot.
And always practice with timer. Time management is crucial in this exam.

I hope all of you get good results, and my post helped you at least a little bit.

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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  samyusmle - 02/08/19 15:52
  Congratulations and thank you for your note and advice.
How many words per min do you type?
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  jenjendrjen - 02/08/19 21:30
  sorry haven't checked how many words per min.
but i am above average typer.
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  samyusmle - 02/08/19 23:19
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  helga45 - 02/10/19 13:37

I totally agree about getting some practice with study partners in unfriendly environment. On the exam day when you are stressed out already rude and disrespectful SP can get you panicked and go down hill pretty fast. It's better be ready for such an attitude, so it doesn't catch you by surprise like it happened to me. I was so naive and sure all of them are supposed to be sweethearts. Some of them were not at all.
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  samyusmle - 02/10/19 16:39
  @helga45 where did you take your exam?  
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  helga45 - 02/11/19 00:12
  @samyusmle Philadelphia  
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  moustafarezk - 02/11/19 09:19
  Please if you can tell me how much mistakes one can do and still pass  
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  samuelc45 - 03/07/19 05:35
  yeah the patients were emotionless gave no hints  
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* Re:I passed CS!!!
  samuelc45 - 03/07/19 05:49
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