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* Can one make mistakes and still pass
  moustafarezk - 02/09/19 10:43
  Guys I took my exam on the 6 of feb I did not did well completely and also I did not miss up completely I did some mistakes like one case I did not finish closure completely other case asked me one question I asked her to repeat coz I didnot understand it , I asked one patient about a drug to repeat its name I finished all notes but they were focused mainly on pE of the specific system not general systems, I counsel those who smoke and those with unsafe sex not alcohol as it was only on weekends one note I wrote 2 diagnosis but one of them I didnot support it with history findings as there was no time any one got these mistakes and pass?  
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* Re:Can one make mistakes and still pass
  helga45 - 02/09/19 11:45
  It is still possible to pass with some mistakes.
I ran out of time in one encounter, no closure at all.
Missed couple diff diagnoses, forgot to counsel in couple cases,
One patient asked to repeat what I said one time, it was very upsetting for me because my English is good and I don't have any problem communicating at all. And some other mistakes.
I was sure I did fail.
But I passed.
So yes it is possible to pass with mistakes.
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