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* Tutoring for free
  kaizen - 05/13/19 17:52
  Hello everyone, I finished all the steps of USMLE last year. Anyone who need study partner or needs advice, I can do for free.  
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  kaizen - 05/14/19 11:07
  I have much free time before starting residency in June. So I would like to help anyone studying for step 2 CS or step 3.  
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  labront - 05/15/19 22:02
  I am img and yog 2015. I passed step1 with 250s and I just took step2 ck last week, I hope I will get at least 250s and I will take CSF on beginning of July in Houston but itís really scared me of because its a different type of exam. I would like to skype call with you my email address is please pm to me..  
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  tiantian - 05/17/19 09:20

I just finished Kaplan 4 day classes. Get a really bad score in the SEP and ICE. I am looking for a study partner. I am appreciated if you can help me or be my study partner. My email is

Thank you
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  kaizen - 05/17/19 13:49
  Hello Labront and Tiantian

I sent you emails. Hope you got it.
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  izzymle - 05/18/19 07:19
  I am IMG in NY and now beginning to study for CS and it is the scariest part of usmle for me! I am very lucky to meet you. Could you please help me? My email is  
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  ttteeennnuuuhhh - 05/19/19 01:45
  Hey I failed my CS the ICE and need help preparing for it. I'm retaking it in October. Would you be able to tutor me starting August/september?
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  targetsteps - 05/22/19 11:08
  my e mail

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* Re:Tutoring for free
  cadillac - 05/24/19 09:58
  Hey. I have my CS in 4 weeks and i am looking for a serious SP to discuss cases with everyday. My skype id is drsantoshade  
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  aoiyogo - 05/24/19 21:28
  Hi kaizen,

I failed my CS last January and I am retaking it within this year. I need your help preparing for it. Would you be able to tutor me? My skype ID is ygai0430. Thank you for your posting.
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* Re:Tutoring for free
  prl - 05/28/19 02:04
How should I go about for preparing cs
My exam is in October Atlanta
What books n resources should I use
Iím IMG. Are there any classes available n r those useful
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