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* Skype learning partner
  yutak - 06/29/19 11:11

I am IMG and planning to take step2 CS in December and currently looking for study partner.
I have already passed Step1 and CK.
If you need a learning partner, please feel free to contact me !
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  zes - 07/02/19 11:34
I am also looking for a partner, let me know if you are still interested in one!
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  ffsv2015 - 07/03/19 18:19
  looking for a partner, exam on august  
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  ffsv2015 - 07/03/19 18:22
  let me now if you are interest  
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  yutak - 07/03/19 21:03
  Hello guys,

Thank you for your comment.
Would you mind leaving email address or skype ID?
I'll contact you soon.

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* Re:Skype learning partner
  ffsv2015 - 07/03/19 22:54  
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  usmlecs901 - 07/05/19 15:28
my skype id is
if you want any help just msg me I'm done with my exam and got my results. and can help for free i can spare 30 mins .

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* Re:Skype learning partner
  yutao_deng - 07/10/19 05:03
I also plan to take CS in Dec
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* Re:Skype learning partner
  saviz - 07/20/19 11:07
  Hi Yutak,

I'm also looking for a step 2 partner. Please email me at if you are interested.

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* Re:Skype learning partner
  luzelenatrelles - 07/20/19 12:10
  Dear Doctor...
We have the best course for the USMLE STEP 2CS PREPARATION.
We are having a great promotion untill the end of July!!!

To check all the information about our promotion, please enter this link...

We have a "FREE SATURDAY DEMO CLASS" every Saturday at 8am. Chicago/Houstonīs time.
To register, please enter this link...
Hope you can join us next week!!!

If you have any questions, let me know please.
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